How much horsepower does a VZ Commodore have?

How much horsepower does a VZ Commodore have?

255 hp
3.6 L 190 kW (258 PS; 255 hp) Alloytec High Output V6. 6-speed manual transmission (option of 5-speed automatic transmission) Air conditioning.

What’s better VY or VZ?

1. The VY is the earlier car series compared to the VZ, which was launched two years after. 2. The wagon models of the Commodore VY have 5 doors compared to the wagons of VZ, which only has 4 doors.

Which Commodore is the fastest?

Powered by a 474kW/815Nm supercharged 6.2-litre V8, the W1 is the most powerful and fastest Commodore ever built and only 300 of the vehicles will be produced.

What is a VZ Commodore worth?

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*Private Price Guide $3,900 – $5,600
*Trade In Price Guide $1,800 – $3,500
*Price When New $39,690* Price Guide (EGC)

What engine is in a VZ SV6?

Alloytec engine
The SV6 gets the 190kW version of the 3.6-litre, 24-valve Alloytec engine. It features variable exhaust valve timing to complement the same feature on the inlet side, plus variable inlet manifold volume and an electronic accelerator. Its 190kW is generated at 6500rpm – 500rpm higher than the base engine’s 175kW peak.

How much is a 2006 VZ Commodore worth?

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*Private Price Guide $1,800 – $4,100
*Average Km 225,000 – 375,000
*Price When New $41,110* Price Guide (EGC)

How many VZ V8 Calais were made?

3,700 were manufactured (2775 sedans and 925 wagons).

Will a VY radiator fit a VZ?

it will fit if you get all the VZ bit to go with it. VZ is a better setup ad far as a radiator setup, less pipes etc. except you loose the low coolant warning alarm. this is a very handy item.

What is the fastest V6 Commodore?

Last Friday night the full-street-trim VT Commodore ran an 8.79@156mph at Calder Park Raceway, making it one of the quickest street-driven V6 Commodores in Australia – if not the quickest!