How much HP can a t3 T4 turbo make?

How much HP can a t3 T4 turbo make?

The high-boost turbo is designed to spool fairly quickly and can support up to 500 horsepower.

How much HP can a T4 turbo make?

400 to 800HP
T4 turbos are usually for larger motors and use a different exhaust flange. T4’s can deliver enough air for applications in the 400 to 800HP range. T4’s have been very popular in full tilt 2.5+L Subaru setups to make loads of horsepower.

How big is a t3 T4 turbo?

Compressor Size ——-
* Inducer Diameter: 52.7mm
* Exducer Diameter: 76mm
* A/R 0.5
Compressor Outlet 42mm(inside diameter); 52mm(Outer diameter)

What is turbo a r?

A/R stands for Area over Radius. It is defined as the inlet (or, for compressor housings, the discharge) cross-sectional area divided by the radius from the turbo centerline to the centroid of that area.

What is better T3 or T4 turbo?

In general, T3 class turbos can deliver air volume for applications in the 200 to 300 HP range. On the other hand, the T4 turbo has a larger turbine on the exhaust side and larger turbine fins on the intake compressor side. This means that T4 can generate more air at full boost to achieve more horsepower than T3.

How much HP can a T3 turbo make?

Their power ranges go from about 220 whp max to about 450-500. The T3 i have on my civic can handle upwards of 450 whp without straining the turbo.

How much HP does a Garrett turbo make?

Garrett racing and performance turbos are capable of supporting an engine displacement range of 1.4L up to 12.0L engines and horsepower at the crank from 140 up to 3000 per turbocharger! Keep in mind that Garrett horsepower rating estimates are measured at the crank.

What is the best turbocharger brand?

Global Turbocharger Manufacturers Rank 2021

  1. 1 Honeywell (USA) Turbocharger Manufacturer Introduction.
  2. 2 Borgwarner (USA) Turbocharger Manufacturer Introduction.
  3. 3 Cummins Turbocharger (USA)
  4. 4 IHI (Japan)
  5. 5 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan)
  6. 6 Bosch Mahler (BMTS)
  7. 7 Continental (Germany)
  8. 8 ZAGE (Taiwan Island)

What’s the biggest T4 turbo?

BorgWarner S482SX aka 11087 82.2mm S400SX (179182) The brand new 82.20mm S400SX FMW turbocharger from BorgWarner’s 2011 Airwerks lineup is the single most powerful and highest flowing T4 footprint turbo ever released to the high performance racing community.