How often should hearing aid wax guards be changed?

How often should hearing aid wax guards be changed?

Typically, you should change it once a month, but this can vary depending on how much or how little earwax you produce. Because wearing a hearing aid can cause your ears to produce more ear wax, you may find you have to replace your wax guards every two weeks.

Are Rexton and Signia the same?

Brand reputation. WS Audiology manufactures and owns several hearing aid brands, such as Signia, Widex, and Rexton. The company’s brands have received several awards for design and innovation, including the iF Design Award and CES Innovation Award in 2021.

Can hearing aid wax guards be cleaned?

A wax guard can only be cleaned so much. You may need to get a new wax guard when cleaning no longer works (in order to make this smoother, you can purchase a toolkit made specifically for this).

Are wax guards necessary?

Wax guards are important because receivers do not like moisture or wax. If either gets into the receiver of the hearing aid, it can lead to problems. As a matter of fact, excessive ear wax is one of the leading causes of hearing aid repair along with battery malfunction and moisture damage.

How often should you clean hearing aid tubes?

You may choose to leave it to dry overnight. This should be repeated regularly. You should replace the plastic tube inside your earmould approximately every 6-9 months, or when the tube becomes discoloured and hard. This will help to maintain good sound quality and comfort.

How do I connect my Rexton hearing aid to my TV?

1. Connect transmitter to power cord and plug into power supply. Both lights on front of the transmitter should blink blue. Start TV streaming Switch your hearing aids to the television program via app, hearing aid rocker switch, Smart Mic, or Smart Key.

Does Siemens own Signia?

In 2016, Sivantos, the company that acquired Siemens Hearing Instruments, introduced a brand-new hearing aid line called Signia. Newly developed hearing devices from Sivantos are branded under the Signia name.

Are all hearing aid wax guards the same size?

If you are referring to all hearing aid filters being the same size, then the answer is definitely “no”. Different brands of aids have totally different filters, and may not be interchangeable.

How do you use wax guards?

Here’s how:

  1. Insert the empty end of the yellow application stick into the used wax guard in the hearing device.
  2. Pull outward on the stick to remove the used wax guard.
  3. Use opposite end of yellow stick to firmly insert clean wax guard into hearing device.
  4. Pull outward to remove the yellow stick and discard.