Is Donaldson a good filter?

Is Donaldson a good filter?

Donaldson is a high quality filter I’d put it in the company of Baldwin, Fleet Guard and Purolator pure1/Motorcraft. Definitely better than the average filter.

How long does a Donaldson air filter last?

Donaldson filters are rated to last 500 hours, five to 10 times longer than foam filters. Replace your air filter after three years, five cleanings or 500 flight hours; whichever occurs first. Donaldson filters are designed to manufacturer specifications.

Where can I buy Donaldson filters?

Find out how to purchase Donaldson filters and parts.

  • Aerospace877-314-9640.
  • Compressed Air & Gas, Process800-543-3634.
  • Connected Solutions833-310-0017.
  • Engine & Vehicle, Hydraulics800-374-1374.
  • Gas Turbine800-431-0555.
  • Industrial Dust, Fume & Mist800-365-1331.

Who makes CAT oil filters?

Advanced Filtration Systems Inc
Who Makes Cat Oil Filters? AFSI (Advanced Filtration Systems Inc) makes Caterpillar oil filters. AFSI is a joint venture of Caterpillar Inc and the Donaldson Company established in 1986.

Are Fleetguard air filters any good?

Fleetguard is a pretty good quality product. I wouldn’t have a concern using either brand. Here is a site for filters

Who manufactures Donaldson filters?

Donaldson Company

Type Public
Industry Filtration Engines Membranes Gas Turbines Valves Hydraulics
Founded 1915
Headquarters Bloomington, Minnesota, U.S.
Key people Tod E. Carpenter Chief Executive Officer, President and Director Scott Robinson, Chief Financial Officer

How do you clean a Donaldson filter?

The air filter can be cleaned either by compressed air or washing in a solution of water and detergent (any general purpose detergent may be used). The compressed air cleaning method is recommended when the air filter has only dust on it.

Who makes Komatsu filters?

Marubeni-Komatsu offers complete filter kits including all the essential filters & components required to complete 500, 1000 or 2000-hour services for the majority of Komatsu machines.

Who makes JD filters?

Most of the Deere filters are made by Donaldson. The d with a dot in the middle is the Donaldson logo next to the Deere part number. A lot of the fuel filters are proprietary to the manufacturer of the fuel system and are made by them and simply rebranded for many different boxes.

Does Wix make Cat filters?

The Cat filters are not made by WIX. They have a better filter media, and the aluminum head is what sets them apart. Baldwin is the closest match with the 2 micron rating, but they have the steel head. Also, check the number of holes on top of the filter head.

Is Fleetguard owned by Cummins?

Cummins Filtration is the leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of filtration products for heavy-duty diesel powered equipment. It owns the well-recognised brand of Fleetguardā„¢, manufacturing class-leading filtration products compatible with Cummins and a wide range of other engine makes.