Is it cold in Kolkata in December?

Is it cold in Kolkata in December?

In December, the average high-temperature marginally drops, from a hot 30.3°C (86.5°F) in November, to a moderately hot 27°C (80.6°F). In Kolkata, in December, the average low-temperature is 14.5°C (58.1°F).

How is weather in Kolkata in December?

Expect a few hot and rainy days in Kolkata during December. The combination of temperature and moisture can result in very humid days, so be sure to dress comfortably for both the heat and rain! Our weather forecast can give you a great sense of what weather to expect in Kolkata in December 2022.

Which is the coldest month in Kolkata?

The cool season lasts for 1.8 months, from December 8 to February 3, with an average daily high temperature below 80°F. The coldest month of the year in Kolkata is January, with an average low of 56°F and high of 77°F.

What is the best time to visit Kolkata?

Best Time to Visit Kolkata

  • October-March: Starting from autumn the weather is pleasant and is a great time to visit Kolkata.
  • April-May: These are the hottest months in the city with the temperature varying from over 40°C to around 30°C.

Is snowfall possible in Kolkata?

A frigid zone in the midst of the city – that’s the latest addition to the city’s burgeoning family entertainment spots. Located on the top floor of Axis Mall, New Town, this is an ideal place for outing with friends and family. Visitors to the park can even experience sudden snowfall.

Are winters in Kolkata cold?

Winter tends to last for only about two and a half months, with seasonal lows dipping to 9 °C – 11 °C (48.2 °F – 51.8 °F) between December and January. The highest recorded temperature is 43.9 °C (111 °F) and the lowest is 5 °C (41 °F).

Does Kolkata receive snowfall?

Does Kolkata have winter?

Kolkata winters conventionally start in mid-December and end in mid-February, giving the city a two-month winter season.

Is Kolkata a safe city?

Kolkata is considered the safest city in India for females, as well as one of the safest in the world. The city has ranked first in the list of safest cities curated by the National Crime Reports for two years straight.

Does Kolkata get cold?

Which is the coldest place of West Bengal?

Which is the coldest place in Bengal? Notes: Purulia, bordering Jharkhand, is the coldest place in West Bengal. Bankura district followed right after with 7.6 degrees, 8 degrees below normal, with Sriniketan in Birbhum district registering 8 degrees and Burdwan 8.5 degree, said met department sources.