Is spring a green bl?

Is spring a green bl?

At a Distance, Spring Is Green (Korean: 멀리서 보면 푸른 봄; RR: Meolliseo Bomyeon Pureun Bom; lit. Blue Spring from a Distance) is a 2021 South Korean television series adapted from the webtoon of the same name….

At a Distance, Spring Is Green
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Original release June 14 – July 20, 2021

Who is the kid in spring night?

Ha Yi-an
Ha Yi-an as Yoo Eun-u, Ji-ho’s son. Seo Jeong-yeon as Wang Hye-jung, Ji-ho’s colleague and friend.

What is the story of Spring Waltz?

Jae-Ha (Seo Do-Young) is a wealthy young man who lives an honorable life as a gifted pianist. As a child, however, Jae-Ha lived with his father who was a conman and endured a miserable childhood. His foster mother Hyun Ji-Sook (Geum Bo-Ra) then raised him because she lost her own son.

Who does so bin end up with?

2. A closure for Chan Ki. After the long push and pull, Chan Ki finally lets go of Soo Bin. Soo Bin is happily dating Yeo Joon and has mutual feelings for each other.

Is At a Distance, Spring is Green happy ending?

They are more understanding and sympathetic towards others too. We’re glad this enemies-to-friends trope was pulled off well in At a Distance, Spring is Green, and the finale provided us with a bittersweet separation between Yeo Joon and Soo-hyun as Soo-hyun will be spending summer with his mother.

Who ends up together in One Spring Night?

I’m so grateful that One Spring Night didn’t let its viewers down, concluding with a very sweet and satisfying ending. The finale mirrored the relationship between Jung-in and Ji-ho, it was committed to the pair at the heart of this drama to the end.

How old is Yoon Jin A?

age 35
Main. Son Ye-jin as Yoon Jin-ah, a single woman age 35 who works as a store supervisor in a coffee franchise. Despite being an easygoing person, she lives a rather hollow life.

Who created Spring Waltz?

Spring Waltz
Genre Romance Melodrama
Created by KBS Drama Production
Written by Kim Ji-yeon Hwang Da-eun Gu Ji-won Ha Mi-seon
Directed by Yoon Seok-ho

Who wrote Chopin Spring Waltz?

According to YouTube the second most popular piece composed by famous polish composer Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849) is his so-called Spring Waltz.