Is the band Boston actually from Boston?

Is the band Boston actually from Boston?

Boston is an American rock band from namesake Boston, Massachusetts, that had its most notable successes during the 1970s and ’80s.

Why is the band Boston called Boston?

First, they got their start — and their name — from none other than Boston, Massachusetts. The original members of Boston the band included Tom Scholz on guitar, Brad Delp as the vocalist, Barry Goudreau on guitar, and Jim Masdea on drums.

Is Boston still a band?

The classic rock band is still going strong, with a 40th anniversary tour scheduled for this year, featuring not just the hits – though there will surely be plenty – but also extended live arrangements of songs culled from all six of their studio albums. (See dates below.)

Where did the band Boston originate?

Boston, MABoston / Origin

Who was in the original band Boston?

The original members were Tom Scholz (b. March 10, 1947, Toledo, Ohio, U.S.), Brad Delp (b. June 12, 1951, Boston, Massachusetts—found dead March 9, 2007, Atkinson, New Hampshire), Fran Sheehan (b. March 26, 1949, Boston), Barry Goudreau (b.

Are there 2 Bostons?

Their histories are intertwined: Boston, Massachusetts, and its namesake, the medieval town of Boston, in Lincolnshire, England.

Who was the lead singer of Boston?

Brad Delp
Michael SweetTommy DeCarloFran Cosmo
Boston/Lead singers

Who was the original lead singer of Boston?

Bradley Edward Delp
Bradley Edward Delp (June 12, 1951 – March 9, 2007) was an American musician, best known as the original lead vocalist for the rock band Boston. He joined Boston in 1970 and provided rhythm guitar and lead vocals.

Who are the members of the band Boston?

While attending MIT, Scholz joined the band Freehold, where he met guitarist Barry Goudreau and drummer Jim Masdea, who would later become members of Boston. Vocalist Brad Delp was added to the collective in 1970.

Brad Delp, the original lead singer. Along with Scholz, Delp was the only other person signed to Epic Records as Boston. The debut album, Boston, released on August 25, 1976, ranks as one of the best-selling debut albums in U.S. history with over 17 million copies sold.

Does the music of Boston still touch you today?

The music of Boston touched me at a very young age, and it’s nice to see it still touches the younger generation today! Going Hyperspace in 2017 with Boston, what an experience!

Who is the new drummer for Boston?

BOSTON’s newest drummer, Jeff Neal has this to say, “His long list of accomplishments, sheer talent and record of generosity towards others over the years speaks for itself. From the beginning, it has always been about the music. BOSTON’s success has been built on it’s sound, not its image, and Tom is responsible for this.