Is there a part 2 to I Am Number 4?

Is there a part 2 to I Am Number 4?

I Am Number Four 2 movie: the reason why it was never released. Are you still waiting for the I Am Number Four sequel? then we have bad news: it was canceled. And that’s basically the reason why you can’t find the movie adaptation of the second installment in the series: The Power of Six.

Why wasn’t there a second I Am Number Four movie?

In 2011, screenwriter Noxon told that plans for an imminent sequel were shelved due to the disappointing performance of the first installment at the box office.

Why did they only make one I Am Number Four movie?

“I Am Number Four” failed to impress film critics. The critics’ consensus on review site Rotten Tomatoes chalked it up to a “noisy, derivative, and ultimately forgettable sci-fi thriller.” Due to “I Am Number Four’s” poor critical performance, plans for more “Lorien Legacies” installments were put on hold indefinitely.

Does Marina get with John?

John and Marina do NOT go together. I think that PL put the two together because he wanted them to both have a good ending, but at the same time was tired of writing so he just threw something together in an attempt to leave us on a happy note. Like i said previously, the ending was anticlimactic.

Who does six end up with?

Sam Goode. Sam is Six’s love interest and in The Revenge of Seven they become a couple.

Is I Am Number 4 on Netflix?

” I Am Number Four ” has been added to the streaming service, Netflix announced in an email to subscribers.

Who died united as one?

United As One Phiri Dun Ra – Killed by Adam and Dust. Dust – Sacrificed himself to save Adam. Setrakus Ra – Beat up and worn out by John. Six finished him off by slicing his head off.

How did united as one end?

They attempt to fight the Piken-Mog with his power, but it is ultimately defeated by Daniela, who turns it to stone. John, Five—who survived the Augments—and Sam watch the destruction on the news….

United as One
Predecessor The Fate of Ten
Successor Generation One

Is there a the power of six movie?

Description. The Power of Six is a film in the Lorien Legacies Universe but was cancelled after the first film adaptation having a bad response.

Does marina end up with John?

Will there be an I Am Number Four 2?

Michael Bay briefly considered directing I Am Number Four, but he opted out to focus on Transformers: Dark Of The Moon instead, with D.J. Caruso coming on board to helm the project. If a studio wanted to create I Am Number Four 2, there is plenty of material to draw from. I Am Number Four is the first of seven books in the Lorien Legacies series.

Who are the actors in the movie I Am Number Four?

I Am Number Four from 2011 was adapted from the first book in the Lorien Legacies series and starred Alex Pettyfer, Teresa Palmer, and Timothy Olyphant. The movie follows John Smith, a humanoid alien from a planet called Lorien.

Is Dianna Agron in the movie I Am Number Four?

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Where was’I Am Number Four’filmed?

Additional filming took place in the Florida Keys in the beginning of the film in Big Pine Key, Florida as well as the spanning of the drive over the bridge showcases the keys 7 mile bridge. I Am Number Four was edited by Jim Page, with Industrial Light & Magic developing the visual effects for the alien Pikens.