Is UBS numerical reasoning test hard?

Is UBS numerical reasoning test hard?

The UBS online assessment (which includes the UBS cultural appraiser and UBS numerical reasoning test) is known to be one of the hardest of all BB banks. A lot of candidates become overwhelmed by this challenge and give up without even trying.

How do you prepare for UBS numerical reasoning test?

The only way to really prepare for the Logical Reasoning Test is to practice the sample questions. By doing so, you will familiarise yourself with some of the most common questions types, become more comfortable and get used to thinking under time pressure.

What is UBS looking for?

UBS seeks graduates who are effective communicators. This requirement exceeds being able to convey information clearly and succinctly; it is also about being persuasive, influential, tactful and engaging.

What test does UBS use?

numerical reasoning tests
UBS use numerical reasoning tests as part of their recruitment process to help them select the best candidates for a particular role. Numerical reasoning tests are a fair and objective way for UBS to assess a wide range of applicants, each having different experiences and different qualifications.

What is a good score on a numerical reasoning test?

When taking the numerical reasoning test you correctly answer 24 of 30 questions. You see this as a ‘good result’. However, other people in similar roles to that you applied for also have very strong numerical reasoning skills and on average correctly answered 26 of 30 questions.

How hard are numerical reasoning tests?

How difficult are numerical reasoning tests? Strict time limits and multiple stages of calculation for each question can make numerical reasoning tests very taxing. Another skill required is being able to interpret the tables and graphs correctly in order to find the right numbers to work with.

How can I pass an online test?

How Online Exams Work: How to Be Successful in Online Test Taking

  1. Check your computer.
  2. Find a good spot to take the test.
  3. Make sure you understand the test guidelines.
  4. If available, take practice exams.
  5. Study.
  6. Practice good time management while taking the test.
  7. Use logic when test taking.
  8. Keep track of time.

Is UBS good to work for?

great company to work for. great manager, great co workers, awesome environment. Starting pay is good, I have no complaints at all about this company.