Is UConn MBA good?

Is UConn MBA good?

University of Connecticut is ranked No. 62 (tie) in Best Business Schools and No. 48 (tie) in Part-time MBA. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Does UConn have an MBA program?

The University of Connecticut now offers its top-ranked MBA program 100% online.

How many credits do you need for UConn MBA?

57 credits
The MBA degree at UConn requires 57 credits (19 classes) of graduate level courses. There are 12 core classes and 7 electives.

How long is a mini MBA?

A “Mini MBA” is a certificate program that provides a comprehensive “bird’s eye” view of a Master of Business Administration program in a concentrated, short-term format. A Mini MBA takes what would normally be around one to two years of instruction and condenses it into around 40 hours.

Is UConn a top tier school?

The University of Connecticut (UConn) was founded as an agricultural school in 1881 by brothers Charles and Augustus Storrs. More than 130 years later and UConn is one of the top public universities in America, which ranks within the top 20 overall, according to the US News & World Report.

What is the acceptance rate for UConn?

56.1% (2020)University of Connecticut / Acceptance rate
Uconn Admissions University of Connecticut admissions is more selective with an acceptance rate of 56%. Half the applicants admitted to Uconn have an SAT score between 1170 and 1390 or an ACT score of 27 and 32.

How do I choose MBA electives?

It is advisable take electives that complement your main concentration. For example, if you choose supply chain as your focus. It would be nice to know more about marketing such as channel management. You can also ass some strategy courses.

What is considered full time at UConn?

Full-time students are those who register for at least 12 credits and continue to carry at least 12 credits through the end of the semester.

Is IBMI mini MBA worth it?

I highly recommend the Mini-MBA program. Excellent courses; very detailed and easy to understand. I like that every course it is broken up into smaller lessons that only takes about 5-10 minutes per lesson. Easy to follow, as are all the IBMI courses.

Can you put mini MBA on resume?

Earning credentials for your resume: You can include your certification on your resume to showcase your commitment to continued education. Including your mini MBA on a resume can help hiring managers to notice you over individuals with only bachelor’s degrees or less.

Is UConn accepting applications for the part-time MBA?

Set Your Own Pace. Sign up for one of our upcoming virtual or in-person events. You’ll have the opportunity to meet our Part-Time MBA admissions representatives and gain an in-depth look at UConn’s top-ranked MBA for career-driven professionals. We are now accepting applications for Spring 2022. Apply Today!

What kind of jobs do UConn MBA students get?

Our alumni have accepted leadership roles in companies such as Amazon, Dell, Google, Gartner, Cigna, NASDAQ, Deloitte, Microsoft, LEGO, ESPN and Prudential. Learn more about the MBA program at UConn.

What is the UConn MBA return on investment?

The UConn MBA return on investment is among the best in the country with affordable public university tuition rates and competitive base salaries at graduation averaging $100,000+.

Why choose UConn for your career?

UConn’s return on investment has long been among the best in the country with competitive tuition rates and impressive base salaries. Set your journey on the right path with an individualized career coaching program and a network of alumni leading the nation’s largest companies.