What are computer viruses article?

What are computer viruses article?

A computer virus is a form of malicious software that piggybacks onto legitimate application code in order to spread and reproduce itself. Like other types of malware, a virus is deployed by attackers to damage or take control of a computer. Its name comes from the method by which it infects its targets.

What is computer virus and examples?

Examples of computer viruses Worms – A worm is a type of virus that, unlike traditional viruses, usually does not require the action of a user to spread from device to device. Trojans – As in the myth, a Trojan is a virus that hides within a legitimate-seeming program to spread itself across networks or devices.

Is the ILOVEYOU virus still exist?

Twenty years on, the ILOVEYOU virus remains one of the farthest reaching ever. Tens of millions of computers around the world were affected. The fight to contain the malware and track down its author was front page news globally, waking up a largely complacent public to the dangers posed by malicious cyber actors.

How many computer viruses are there?

Currently, experts have identified three major types of viruses, which can be further divided into subcategories.

What is the latest computer virus?

10 Most Dangerous Virus & Malware Threats in 2022

  • Clop Ransomware.
  • Fake Windows Updates (Hidden Ransomware)
  • Zeus Gameover.
  • RaaS.
  • News Malware Attacks.
  • Fleeceware.
  • IoT Device Attacks.
  • Social Engineering.

Who named computer virus?

Fred Cohen
The term “computer virus” was coined in the early 1980s. Fred Cohen, then a Ph. D. student at the University of Southern California, came up with the idea of using self-replicating software, which spreads by attaching itself to existing programs as a way of attacking the security of multi-user computing systems.

What are the top 5 computer viruses?

Clop Ransomware. Ransomware attacks occur when malware infects your machine and encrypts the files.

  • Zeus Gameover. Zeus is a lethal Trojan virus that seems like a legitimate application.
  • Fake Windows Update.
  • Fleeceware.
  • News Malware.
  • What are the most common computer viruses?


  • Botnets. The web is also where you risk contracting a drive-by bot infection that will enlist your computer as an agent in a fraudster’s arsenal.
  • Scareware. Fake antivirus programs,which are often referred to as “scareware,” is the third and arguably most irritating leg of the malware stool.
  • What is the most dangerous computer virus?

    Mydoom –$38 billion. The worst computer virus outbreak in history,Mydoom caused estimated damage of$38 billion in 2004,but its inflation-adjusted cost is actually$52.2 billion.

  • Sobig –$30 billion. The 2003 Sobig computer virus is actually another worm.
  • Klez –$19.8 billion.
  • ILOVEYOU –$15 billion.
  • WannaCry –$4 billion.
  • Zeus –$3 billion.
  • What are facts about computer viruses?

    – Increase in frequency of pop-up windows. – Sending mass emails from your email account. – Frequent crashes and hanging of system. – Unusual degradation in computer performance. – Unusual activities like password changes. – Running of unwanted or unknown programs that startup when you turn on your computer.