What are the 5 categories for hurricanes?

What are the 5 categories for hurricanes?

Category Sustained Winds
2 96-110 mph 83-95 kt 154-177 km/h
3 (major) 111-129 mph 96-112 kt 178-208 km/h
4 (major) 130-156 mph 113-136 kt 209-251 km/h
5 (major) 157 mph or higher 137 kt or higher 252 km/h or higher

What are the categories levels of hurricanes?

Saffir-Simpson Winds Scale Ratings:

  • Category 1 hurricane = sustained winds of 74-95 mph.
  • Category 2 hurricane = sustained winds of 96-110 mph.
  • Category 3 hurricane = sustained winds of 111-129 mph.
  • Category 4 hurricane = sustained winds of 130-156 mph.
  • Category 5 hurricane = sustained winds of 157+ mph.

Is Category 4 a strong hurricane?

Category 4 winds will cause catastrophic damage, hurricane forecasters said, such as: – Well-built homes can sustain severe damage with the loss of most of the roof structure and/or some exterior walls. – Most trees will be snapped or uprooted and power poles downed.

What is a Category 8 hurricane?

A Category 8 hurricane would likely have a storm surge of at least 30–40 feet and would be caused by little to no wind shear, and perfect water temperature for a tropical cyclone of this magnitude to form, especially in the Atlantic Ocean.

How are hurricane categories determined?

According to the National Hurricane Center’s website, the agency relies on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale to determine a storm’s strength. The scale categorizes a hurricane on a 1-5 scale, based on the storm’s maximum sustained winds — the one-minute average of the wind speed taken from inside the storm.

Has a Category 5 hurricane ever hit the United States?

Prior to the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season, four storms have made landfall in the U.S. as a Category 5 but a couple weren’t given that top designation until months or years later.

What is an example of a Category 1 hurricane?

Hurricane Dolly in 2008 was an example of a Category 1 hurricane that whipped through southern Texas. Hurricane Sandy was also a Category 1 hurricane when it hit Jamaica in 2012, but it weakened before reaching the east coast of the United States.

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What are the winds of a Category 4 hurricane?

During a Category 4 hurricane, winds range from 130 to 156 mph. At these speeds, falling and flying debris poses a very high risk of injury or death to people, pets and livestock.

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