What are the dimensions of the New York Times Magazine?

What are the dimensions of the New York Times Magazine?

The New York Times Magazine is printed by rotogravure on high-quality supercalendared paper. Trim size is 8 15/16″ x 10 7/8″. The New York Times has converted to a complete digital workflow and digital input is required.

What font size The New York Times print edition?

In print, the new text font has an x-height of 4.12 points, and body size around 9.5 points. In x-height, that is approximately what Times Roman would look like set at 9.25 to 9.5 point, depending on the version of Times.

What font does the New York Times Magazine use?

We changed our main font from Times New Roman to Georgia, which is a little wider and which many people find easier to read. We continue to use Arial as our sans serif font.

How much is a full page ad in the NYT?

about $150,000
According to The New York Times’ media kit, full-page ads in the nationwide edition run for about $150,000 before the added cost for color.

What is the size of Times Magazine?

TIME – 8″ x 10-3/4″

What is the size of the front page of The New York Times?

13” x 22”
(Actual size of Times pages today is 13” x 22”.) 11″ x 17″ reprints have a border of about a quarter-inch on the image’s largest sides; it’s a half-inch for 18″ x 24″ and 24″ x 36″. Page after 1998 are in full color.

What is the New York Post font?

Expanded typeface for the New York Post. Many have imitated, and this is the official typeface.

What is the Time magazine font?

Times New Roman
Time uses a version of Times New Roman for the magazine title, which is classic and linked to an authoritative tradition of use across broadsheet newspapers.

How much does a full-page ad cost?

The average newspaper ad cost depends on the circulation of the paper, the size, day, and ink. A full-page ad can cost anywhere from $2,700 to over $163,000 depending on these factors, whereas small modular ads can cost as little as $50.

How much does it cost to advertise in the NYT?

Ad prices in the New York Times The newspaper’s estimated ad rate is $1,196.00. Note: advertising rate estimates are typically for a column inch of black and white advertising space. Seasonal factors should also be considered.

What is the Time magazine cover font?

What is the recommended image size for New York Times ads?

All continuous tone images should be at least 170 ppi at their final output size, 203 ppi is ideal. Line art should be at 1200 ppi. All ads supplied to The New York Times should have a minimum of 5% dot in the highlight and a maximum of 80% dot in the shadow area.

Should the New York Times advertise specifics or generics?

But for the Book Review, Automotive, and especially Real Estate sections, it cost less to list a specific ad than a generic one. If there had been any takers for generic ads, the New York Times would have run those ads preferentially for revenue’s sake.

What are the guidelines for printing the New York Times newspaper?

Included are general guidelines to follow relating to gray balance, density, dot gain, type, fonts and file formats. The New York Times adheres to SNAP specifications which can be found at the link below: The New York Times newspaper is printed using only CMYK inks.

Why advertise in the New York Times magazine?

The New York Times Magazine reaches one of the most desirable audiences anywhere: affluent, educated professionals. NYTimes.com offers high-impact advertising solutions whether your marketing goal is to launch a new product or service, drive traffic in-store or online, or build brand awareness.