What can you mix Lillet with?

What can you mix Lillet with?

One of the best ways to drink Lillet Blanc: the Lillet Spritz! It’s light and bubbly, tart and citrusy, and it couldn’t be easier to make. Mix it up with champagne, lemon and gin, and you’ve got a breezy light cocktail that has summer written all over it.

What goes with white vermouth?

Just combine your favorite dry vermouth with fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and some muddled orange. Think of it as a nice change from your standard mimosa.

Can Lillet Blanc be used for vermouth?

Lillet Blanc Lillet Blanc is the perfect substitute in any cocktail that calls for dry vermouth because it offers the same layered, aromatic flavors that vermouth does. In fact, it’s worth noting that vermouth happens to be a well-known and well-accepted substitute for Lillet Blanc (via FOOD CHAMPS).

What can I do with Blanc vermouth?

Blanc vermouth can integrate extremely well with most spirits, while the fact that it’s low in alcohol — at 16 percent, just a touch boozier than most wines — can open up and even out strong flavors. This drink starts with the elements of a margarita, but ends up a little brighter and lighter.

How do you serve Lillet white?

While Lillet Blanc (the white version) is delicious on ice, with a twist of orange or lemon and a splash of soda, it’s also a brilliant cocktail ingredient. Low-proof and nicely balanced, not too sweet and not too bitter, it blends seamlessly with many spirits without overwhelming them, much like vermouth.

Can you drink Lillet straight?

The French often drink Lillet by itself, chilled neat or on the rocks, just as many Italians would enjoy a vermouth. But straight-up, Lillet is more delicate than a white vermouth, tasting much more like a wine. You can see why many French enjoy a small glass of Lillet, with 17 percent alcohol, after work.

What drinks can I make with vermouth?

Below, just a small handful of the vermouth cocktails that paved the way:

  • The Negroni. Sometimes a bartender creates a drink, and sometimes a customer does.
  • The Martini.
  • The Adonis.
  • The Manhattan.
  • Americano Cocktail.
  • The Bronx Cocktail.

What can u mix with vermouth?


  • 2 ounces (4 tablespoons) bourbon or rye whiskey (we prefer bourbon)
  • 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) sweet red vermouth.
  • 3 dashes Angostura or orange bitters.
  • Garnish: Luxardo cherry or other cocktail cherry.

Should Lillet be refrigerated after opening?

A: Remember that even though Lillet is lightly fortified, it is still a wine – treat it the same. While it does it a bit slower, once it comes in contact with air, these aperitifs do start to oxidize. Over time they lose their fragrance and start to taste more sour. Once opened, our best advice is to refrigerate it.

How do you drink Bianco vermouth?

I sip it topped off with soda or on the rocks with a twist, olive, or sprig of whatever herb I have on hand. On autumn weekends, when it’s neither too hot nor too cold, vermouth bianco is the ultimate in-between drink.

What drinks do you make with Lillet?

Here, a few more Lillet cocktails for aperitif lovers like Holzman….7 Manly Cocktails to Make with Lillet

  • Vesper. James Bond’s original cocktail of choice is made with gin, vodka and Lillet.
  • Golden Lillet Martini.
  • Tabernacle Crush.
  • Sweet Basil.
  • The Seville.
  • Creole Resolution.
  • Dirty Blonde.