What day was March 2013?

What day was March 2013?

View the month calendar of March 2013 including week numbers….March 2013.

March 10 Daylight Saving (Start)
March 17 St. Patrick’s Day
March 29 Good Friday
March 31 Easter

What is special about March 8th?

March 8th also marks International Women’s Day, National Day of Unplugging, and National Proofreading Day.

What was March 8th 2020?

March 8, 2020 was the 68th day of the year 2020 in the Gregorian calendar. There were 298 days remaining until the end of the year. The day of the week was Sunday.

On what date of March 2013 did Wednesday fall?

So, 6 March = Wednesday Hence, 6, 13, 20, 27 is the correct answer.

What date was Easter Saturday 2013?

Easter for the year 2013 is celebrated/ observed on Sunday, March 31st. Easter also called Resurrection Sunday or Pascha is one of the most important days in the Christian faith commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead according to the New Testament.

What happened March 31st 2013?

2013 : Nigerian troops claim to have killed fourteen suspected militants that were a part of the Boko Haram rebel group in the city of Kano. The Nigerian military stated that the group had been planning attacks on Easter.

What does it mean to be born on March 8?

By: Jill M. A Pisces born on March 8 is a fascinating combination of cynic and mystic. They have a deep psychic consciousness, and they may prefer to spend their time pursuing humanitarian aims. Though able to see the best in humankind, they are distrustful in personal relationships.

What famous person birthday is March 8?

Birthday wishes go out to Micky Dolenz, James Van Der Beek and all the other celebrities with birthdays today. Check out our slideshow below to see photos of famous people turning a year older on March 8th and learn an interesting fact about each of them.

What day is March 8th on in 2021?

March 2021

Date Sunrise Day length
8 March 2021 6:31 11h 21m
9 March 2021 6:29 11h 25m
10 March 2021 6:27 11h 29m
11 March 2021 6:25 11h 33m

Which day Cannot be last day of century?

400 years contain 0 odd days. ⇒ The last day of the 4th century is Sunday. This cycle is repeated. Hence, the last day of a century cannot be Tuesday or Thursday or Saturday.

Which day Cannot be the first day of a century?

To make it short: A century can only start with a monday, wednesday, friday or saturday, so it will end on sunday, tuesday, thursday or friday. So the only day which can both start or end a century is FRIDAY.

When was the Catholic Easter in 2013?

Catholic Easter Sunday in 2013 was on Sunday, the 31st of March (31/3/2013).