What does Empactic mean?

What does Empactic mean?

em·phat·ic adj. 1. Expressed or performed with emphasis: responded with an emphatic “no.” 2. Forceful and definite in expression or action.

Is emphatic a positive word?

3 positive, energetic, forcible, pronounced, decided, unequivocal, definite.

What does no emphatically mean?

For example, if you emphatically say “no” when someone asks you on a date, that person isn’t likely to ask you — or even look in your direction — again.

What does emphatic yes mean?

1 adj An emphatic response or statement is one made in a forceful way, because the speaker feels very strongly about what they are saying. His response was immediate and emphatic…, I answered both questions with an emphatic `Yes’.

What is emphatic and not emphatic?

Emphatic means forceful and clear. Nicole’s mother was emphatic when she told her not to come home late again. When something is emphatic, it imparts emphasis. A sentence is made emphatic by adding an exclamation point, and the word carries with it the important and urgent feeling of that punctuation mark.

Can you describe someone as emphatic?

Empathetic is an adjective that describes someone or something that exhibits empathy. Empathy is a high degree of understanding of other people’s emotions.

What is the synonym of empathy?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for empathy. pity, sympathy, understanding.

What is emphatic example?

What is a rampart in the Bible?

1 : a protective barrier : bulwark.

What do you call a person who shows empathy?

Empathetic is an adjective that describes someone who is characterized by empathy.

What is a Sympath?

1 : sorrow or pity for another She felt sympathy for the poor lost puppy. 2 : readiness to favor or support He expressed sympathy for the protesters. 3 : a relationship between people or things in which whatever affects one similarly affects the other.