What does Mwnt mean in Welsh?

What does Mwnt mean in Welsh?

Mwnt (Welsh: [ˈmʊnt]) is an ancient parish in Ceredigion, Wales, 4.5 miles (7.2 km) north of Cardigan. The Wales Coast Path passes through this very small settlement.

Which part of Wales is Ceredigion?

west of Wales
Ceredigion (UK: /ˌkɛrəˈdɪɡiən/ KERR-ə-DIG-ee-ən, US: /-iɒn/ -⁠ee-on, Welsh: [kɛrɛˈdɪɡjɔn] ( listen)) is a county in the west of Wales, corresponding to the historic county of Cardiganshire. During the second half of the first millennium Ceredigion was a minor kingdom. It has been administered as a county since 1282.

Where in Wales is Mwnt?

Ceredigion coast
Mwnt, a beautiful hidden cove on the Ceredigion coast, a few miles north of Cardigan town centre, a popular beach with families, walkers and dolphin watchers.

Are there toilets at Mwnt?

There are toilets and a snack bar. The small church is also worth a visit.

How old is Mwnt church?

The site is said to have been used since the Age of the Saints, but the present building is probably 14th century.

How do you pronounce Mwnt?

How Do You Pronounce Mwnt? So, Mwnt should be pronounced like ‘Munt’.

What is it like to live in Ceredigion?

CEREDIGION is officially the best place to work, rest and play in England and Wales. Its beaches, rural villages, low house prices and quality of life have won it top ranking in a new poll.

How do you pronounce the Welsh name Mwnt?

How do you pronounce Mwnt and Plwmp? The letter w in both Mwnt and Plwmp is pronounced u as in bump. You can read more about Mwnt Beach here, and if you go by car to Penbryn Beach you will see the cafe called ‘The Plwmp Tart’.

Is Mwnt Beach busy?

Mwnt Beach (Traeth Mwnt) In fact, it can get extremely busy in high season. There is a very reason why Mwnt Beach is so popular. As well as looking stunning, Mwnt is also very family-friendly beach and is a Green Coast and Seaside Award beach. The secluded cove has soft, golden that is perfect for sandcastles.

Are dogs allowed on Mwnt?

Dog Friendly Information There are grat dog friendly, coastal footpath walks. The National Trust beach dogs prohibited from the beach between the 1st May and 30th September inclusive. Dogs are not allowed in the church. “ Dolphins are often spotted from the headland and fishermen frequent the rocks at high tide. ”

Can you get married in Mwnt church?

Services are held here during the summer months and also at the festivals of harvest, Christmas and Easter. The church is also a popular venue for weddings.