What does Platos Closet pay?

What does Platos Closet pay?

Plato’s Closet pays for your items in cash, so expect a sharp mark-down from retail value. It will usually be around 30-40% of the price you bought them at. After you sell them to the store, Plato’s will re-sell these clothes for 60-80 off retail prices.

How many Plato Closet locations are there?

With more than 475 North American locations—and more opening every month—our Plato’s Closet brand continues to provide marketplace success for franchisees passionate about delivering the latest trends and styles to the ever-changing fashion needs of young men and women.

How much money do you get selling to Plato’s closet?

4. If they buy your clothes, it will usually be around 30 – 40% of the price you bought them at. They sell your clothes for 70% off retail prices, so in order to make a profit, they don’t want to spend much to buy them.

How long does it take Plato’s Closet to go through clothes?

Expect to wait at least 30 minutes for them to look through your clothes. Since you gave them your number you don’t have to wait in the store for them to be ready.

Is Plato’s Closet the same as Once Upon a Child?

About Winmark Corporation Specializing in leasing and developing franchises for retail stores that buy, sell, and trade new and used merchandise, it is the parent company of Plato’s Closet®, Once Upon A Child®, Play It Again Sports®, Music Go Round®, Style Encore®, Wirth Business Credit® and Winmark Capital®.

What company owns Plato’s Closet?

Winmark Corporation
Winmark Corporation owns five franchise-based retail companies that focus on used goods: Music Go Round (musical instruments), Once Upon a Child (children’s clothes and toys), Plato’s Closet (adolescent and young adult clothes), Play It Again Sports (sports equipment), and Style Encore (women’s clothing).

Does Plato’s Closet buy shoes?

We buy gently used teen and young adult clothes, shoes and accessories that are in good condition — no stains. We buy every day and will pay you cash on the spot, no appointment needed!

Can you return things at Plato’s Closet?

Full refund on any apparel within seven days, with tags attached and the original receipt. No refunds on clearance items or accessories such as shoes, handbags, jewelry, camis, leggings, etc.

Can you sell purses at Plato’s Closet?

No plastic/garbage bags or loose items. We also accept shoes, purses, backpacks, jewelry, and hats! We purchase all seasons, all year round so you can bring us last years styles or items you’re done wearing for the season.