What does POD band mean?

What does POD band mean?

Payable On Death
Lead singer of the Rap/Rock band P.O.D. (abbreviated for “Payable On Death”), Sonny Sandoval was born in 1974 in the town the band often refers to as “the southtown” in San Ysidro, California (which is between San Diego and Tijuana).

What happened to the group pod?

Payable on Death is an American Christian metal band formed in 1992 and based in San Diego, California. The band’s line-up consists of drummer and rhythm guitarist Wuv Bernardo, vocalist Sonny Sandoval, bassist Traa Daniels, and lead guitarist Marcos Curiel….

Past members Jason Truby Gabe Portillo

Is pod making a new album?

Multi-platinum, GRAMMY®-nominated SoCal hard-rockers P.O.D. will release their ninth studio album, The Awakening (T-Boy/UMC), on August 21.

What is the full form of pod?

Proof of Delivery: is a document signed by the recipient to confirm the delivery of goods in a good condition.

What is P.O.D. known for?

P.O.D. (which stands for Payable on Death) is a metal band from San Diego, California. Its fans are called “The Warriors”, and the band is known for its Christian messages.

Did P.O.D. change their name?

P.O.D. stands for Payable on Death. The band was originally called Eschatos, but switched after Sonny Sandoval, the band’s lead singer, died of a fatal illness. Sandoval converted to Christianity, and the band changed its name.

How did pod get their name?

What do you mean by pod?

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What is the pod number?

The POD (proof of delivery) contains the quantity, number of packages, description of cargo, invoice number and other reference numbers pertaining to the said import shipment, date and time of delivery etc. If cargo delivered through transport, the vehicle number is also mentioned in Proof of Delivery (POD).

What is the difference between POD and cod?

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