What does word telephonically meaning?

What does word telephonically meaning?

: of, relating to, or conveyed by a telephone.

How do you use telephonically in a sentence?

Rebroadcasts will also be available telephonically until midnight Aug. His opinions on any subject had never been telephonically or otherwise demanded by the editors of up-to-date dailies. In tones more than telephonically agonised he bade me not make a jest of his misery.

Is there a word phoned?

to communicate with someone by phone: She phoned just after lunch. He’s phoned me (up) every day this week.

What is the synonym of phoned?

called, dialed. (or dialled), rang (up)

Is telephonically a real word?

adverb. By means of a telephone.

What are some words that start with Tele?

Words That Begin With TELE

  • telecom.
  • teledus.
  • telefax.
  • telegas.
  • teleman.
  • telemen.
  • teleost.
  • teleran.

Is phoned correct?

Phone is clipping of telephone . As a verb , telephone is applied in formal English ,on the contrary phone is employed in informal English . Whether you write : ‘ he phoned me , he telephoned me or he did phone me’ , all are correct with a view to English Grammar.

What is the past tense of phone?

Both past tense and past participle forms of to phone are phoned. I hope this helps.

Is it called or phoned?

When referring to an informal telephone call, it is most frequent to say ‘I called Mary’ or ‘I called Lenny’ etc. However, when referring to a more formal telephone call where you do not mention someone’s first name in the sentence, it is most frequent to say ‘I phoned the insurance agency’ or ‘I phoned the solicitor’.

What does phoned in mean?

To do something in a perfunctory way or with little interest: One of the actors in the play was just phoning it in. See also: phone.

What are some words with Tele?

10 letter words containing tele

  • television.
  • telephonic.
  • telescopic.
  • televisual.
  • telegraphy.
  • telecourse.
  • televiewer.
  • protostele.

What are 3 words that start tele?