What guitars are good for indie rock?

What guitars are good for indie rock?

Whatever you’re after, we’ve got you covered in our list of the best guitars for indie rock….

  • Fender Player Telecaster.
  • Fender Vintera 60s Jazzmaster.
  • Epiphone ES-335.
  • Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar.
  • Reverend Double Agent OG.
  • Rickenbacker 330.

What is the best rock guitar solo?

The 10 Best Rock Guitar Solos of All Time

  1. Stevie Ray Vaughan – Little Wing.
  2. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along the Watchtower.
  3. Van Halen – Eruption.
  4. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird.
  5. Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing.
  6. Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven.
  7. Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train. Guitarist: Randy Rhoads.
  8. Cream – Crossroads.

What are the 10 best guitar solos?

The Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

  1. Pink Floyd | “Comfortably Numb”
  2. Van Halen | “Eruption”
  3. Led Zeppelin | “Stairway To Heaven”
  4. Queen | “Bohemian Rhapsody”
  5. Eagles | “Hotel California”
  6. The Jimi Hendrix Experience | “All Along The Watchtower”
  7. Dire Straits | “Sultans Of Swing”
  8. Lynyrd Skynyrd | “Free Bird”

Which guitarist has best solos?

Eddie Van Halen’s solo on “Eruption” changed the landscape and vocabulary of guitar playing forever. We ranked the 20 best guitar solos ever, and Jimmy Page’s “Stairway to Heaven” solo took the top spot.

Is a Telecaster good for indie?

Especially if you’re an enthusiast of indie rock! I’m sure that we all love the classic Telecaster tone. That tight attack, quick response and warm, vintage sound. The versatility of these guitars is simply amazing – they can be used in a wide range of genres from blues, rock and grunge even to metal.

Is a Strat good for indie?

Stratocasters are well known for indie music, as they excel well at indie’s bright, crisp sound and are well suited to layering different tracks with various effects and tones.

What guitars do indie bands use?

Popular Indie Guitars

  • Fender/ Squire Telecaster.
  • Fender / Squire Jazzmaster.
  • Fender / Squire Jaguar.
  • Fender / Squire Mustang.
  • Fender / Squire Stratocaster.
  • Gibson/ Epiphone Les Paul.
  • Gibson / Epiphone SG.
  • Gretsch Electromatic Jet.

What pedals do indie artists use?

Fuzz: Big Muff Pi. An absolute necessity with Indie Rock is a good Fuzz pedal.

  • Reverb: Strymon Blue Sky. You’d be hard-pressed to find an Indie pedalboard without a reverb.
  • Chorus: Electro Harmonix Small Clone.
  • Pitch Shifter: Digitech Whammy.
  • Phaser: MXR M107 Phase 100.