What happens if you kill Fjola?

What happens if you kill Fjola?

If you kill Fjola, you will be forced to admit it to Christer and render him hostile, but if you cast a Calm spell on him after he attacks you, you can talk to him again, and all three dialogue options (admitting you killed her, claiming you found her dead, or denying that you found her at all) will be available.

Can Fjola be a follower?

This mod simply makes Fjola a potential follower. It also changes her name from Bandit Leader to Fjola which is much more fitting. You can also marry her!

Will I see Fjola again?

Fjola will engage you in conversation even if you just killed all of her crew. You won’t actually see her again unless you come back to Mistwatch.

Where can I find Fjola in Skyrim?

Fjola is a Nord bandit leader encountered in Mistwatch. She left her husband, Christer, and returned to Skyrim. Upon returning, she became the leader of the bandits who had taken over the abandoned fort of Mistwatch on the southern border of Eastmarch.

What is the best quest in Skyrim?

Skyrim: 10 Best Quests In The Base Game

  1. 1 Rise In The East.
  2. 2 The Forsworn Conspiracy.
  3. 3 The House of Horrors.
  4. 4 The Affairs of Hagravens.
  5. 5 To Kill An Empire.
  6. 6 Diplomatic Immunity.
  7. 7 The Silver Hand.
  8. 8 Forgetting About Fjola.

What is Mistwatch Skyrim?

Mistwatch is a fort located in due east of Darkwater Crossing. The fort is occupied by a gang of bandits and their leader. Inside the fort are an alchemy lab, a cooking pot and Keening (one possible location), a magical dagger.

Who killed Fjotli?

Fjotli was the daughter of Hillevi and Torsten Cruel-Sea, but she was murdered some time before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by members of an altmer thieves’ guild trying to rival the Riften Guild.

Who is Fianna Skyrim?

Fianna is a Breton maid in Whiterun who performs menial chores around Dragonsreach. She seems to hold the Jarl, Balgruuf the Greater, in high esteem.

What do you do with Fjola’s wedding band?

Fjola’s Wedding Band is obtained during a miscellaneous quest given by Christer inside Mistwatch. If the Dragonborn chooses to get rid of Christer for Fjola, she’ll present them with this gift. It is also possible to kill her to obtain the ring.

What is the scariest quest in Skyrim?

The world of Skyrim can be a pretty scary place at times….Here are some of the scariest Skyrim quests.

  1. 1 Every Quest That Ends Up With You In Charge.
  2. 2 Stumbling Into Blackreach.
  3. 3 Forbidden Legend.
  4. 4 Under Saarthal.
  5. 5 Death Incarnate.