What is 14F AFSC?

What is 14F AFSC?

Creation of the 14F AFSC enabled the service to standardize education and training for Airmen, building a foundation to cultivate IO expertise and improve a commander’s ability to operate in more pervasive and connected information and operational environments.

What is your AFSC in Air Force?

The Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) is an alphanumeric code used by the United States Air Force to identify a specific job. Officer AFSCs consist of four characters and enlisted AFSCs consist of five characters.

What is the AFSC code for pilot?

(As of Sept. 30, 2020)

1U1 RPA pilot 79
1W0 Weather 3,012
1Z1 Pararescue 976
1Z2 Combat Control 676

What AFSC is 38F?

The 38F Career Field Education and Training Plan provides a development strategy for the Career Field Manager, commanders, training managers, supervisors, and trainers to plan, develop, manage, and conduct 38F education and training.

What is a 16g AFSC?

AFSC: 16Gx. Develops and writes Air Force, joint services, or combined plans, programs, and policies. Uses broad operations background and understanding of the entire spectrum of Air Force operational doctrine and employment in multi-functional areas of responsibility to satisfy mission objectives.

What does a force support officer do?

Overview: Force Support Officers lead, manage and direct personnel executing combat support capabilities for the Air Force and joint mission in the core areas of Manpower, Personnel and Services Programs.

What is Uabmt?

Undergraduate Air Battle Manager Training (UABMT) for the active US Air Force, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve is a 6-month course conducted by the 337th Air Control Squadron at Tyndall Air Force Base.

What AFSC is force support?

Training – For award of AFSC 38F3, completion of Force Support Officer Initial Skills Training (IST) Course including Officer Field Education (OFE) is mandatory.

What is primary AFSC?

A Primary AFSC (PAFSC) is the designation for the specialty in which the individual possesses the highest skill level and is, therefore, the AFSC that he or she is best qualified to perform. The Duty AFSC (DAFSC) reflects the actual manpower position the Airman is assigned to.

What is a 7 level in the Air Force?

The fourth character (7) is the airman’s skill level. In this case, the skill level is “craftsman.” Upon promotion to E-5, airmen begin training for the “7” (craftsman) skill level. This level ​of training includes correspondence courses, more on-the-job training, and for some jobs, a seven-level technical school.