What is a better word for courageous?

What is a better word for courageous?

In this page you can discover 46 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for courageous, like: brave, fearless, lion-hearted, daring, heroic, intrepid, gallant, dauntless, gutsy, spartan and valiant.

What do you mean by tempered?

Definition of tempered 1 : treated by tempering especially, of glass : treated so as to impart increased strength and the property of shattering into pellets when broken. 2 : having a specified temper —used in combination short-tempered.

How do you spell even tempered?

“Even-tempered.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/even-tempered.

Is courageous a positive word?

Courageous is always used positively. It’s associated with heroic people and actions—like firefighters running into burning buildings to save people—but it can be used in many different situations.

How do you use tempered in a sentence?

Tempered sentence example

  1. She was even- tempered and calm and quite as cheerful as of old.
  2. From April till October hot southerly winds blow by day; at night the heat is tempered by seabreezes.

What is the opposite of tempered?

Adjective. ▲ Opposite of hardened or toughened. untempered.

What is even tempered?

: not easily upset or made angry. a very even-tempered girl.

What is the opposite of even tempered?

Opposite of even-tempered and reasonable. excitable. temperamental. nervous. changeable.

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