What is Albie Manzo doing today?

What is Albie Manzo doing today?

Albie hasn’t slowed down one bit over the past few years. He launched his latest business venture, Bloom & Birch, in January. The company sells flowers that last a year without any water or sunlight.

Is Manzo coming back to Bravo?

The Manzo family is back for Season 3, and they have some unexpected challenges in front of them.

Do Chris and Albie Manzo still have a restaurant?

The Manzo family owns the Brownstone restaurant in Paterson, which has been often featured on “Real Housewives.” “We’re honored to be a part of revitalizing one of the Jersey Shore’s longest-standing and iconic hotels,” said Albie Manzo in a statement.

Is BLK water still in business 2020?

So while it’s true that blk is still around, and can even still be bought online, the brains behind it have let the idea go, so I’d suggest any but the most passionate RHONJ fans should probably do the same.

Do the manzos still own The Brownstone?

They successfully owned and operated their facility for 33 years until selling it to Albert Manzo Jr. who worked for them in the 1960s scrubbing pots. His dream of owning and operating one of the most popular catering venues in North Jersey is still realized today by his children.

Are Caroline Manzo and Teresa still friends?

Years after leaving the series after five seasons, Caroline revealed why she and Teresa are no longer friends before dishing on the interaction they had while filming their Super Bowl commercial, explaining why she left the Bravo series in 2013, and disclosing how her kids’ lives are different due to their time on …

Does Albert Manzo still own The Brownstone?

Do the manzos still run The Brownstone?

Where is Caroline Manzo today?

After leaving The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Caroline Manzo has moved away from reality TV. Now, she’s a grandmother with her own business.