What is an example of a general purpose local government?

What is an example of a general purpose local government?

Counties, municipalities, towns and townships constitute the general purpose local governments.

What are general purpose governments?

1. Organized local governments that provide more than one service such as counties, parishes, boroughs, municipalities and townships and have sufficient administrative and fiscal autonomy.

Is a city a general purpose government?

(2) General purpose local government . — The term “general purpose local government” means— (A) a city, county, town, township, village, or other general purpose political subdivision of a State; and (B) the District of Columbia.

What states have special districts?


  • Alabama: Alabama Municipal Electric Authority (special act)
  • Alaska: regional electrical authorities (general law)
  • Arizona: drainage districts (general law)
  • Arkansas: fire ant abatement districts (general law)
  • California special districts.
  • Colorado: more than 4,000 special districts.

What is the difference between a general purpose and single purpose local government?

What is the difference between a general-purpose and single-purpose local government? General-purpose local governments provide a wide range of functions whereas single-purpose governments perform one function.

What are the 3 types of local governments?

Types of Local Governments

  • Municipalities. Cities, towns and villages are known as municipalities and are represented by a council, elected by residents.
  • Regional Municipalities.
  • Rural Communities (RC)
  • Local Service Districts (LSD)

What is the difference between a general purpose and single-purpose local government?

How many types of districts are there?


Map key Name of State or Union Territory Number of districts
11 Karnataka 31
12 Kerala 14
13 Madhya Pradesh 55
14 Maharashtra 36

How is a general purpose government different from a special purpose government?

General purpose governments generally provide a wider range of services to their residents than do special purpose governments. True False Examples of special purpose governments include cities, towns, and public schools that receive tax revenue to finance the services they provide.

What are examples of special purpose governments?

Special-purpose governments generally provide a limited (or sometimes a single) set of services or programs—for example, fire protection, library services, mosquito abatement, or drainage.

What are the two main forms of general purpose local government in Theunited states?

Local governments generally include two tiers: counties, also known as boroughs in Alaska and parishes in Louisiana, and municipalities, or cities/towns. In some States, counties are divided into townships.