What is Badhaka house?

What is Badhaka house?

Badhaka House is related to the hindrances one faces in their birth chart. In Astrology, planets are positioned astronomically in a way that, every house and planet in the chart do have an opposing force or energy contained within the chart itself in the form of Rashi, houses, and planets.

How can I check my Badhakesh?

Dual Ascendants are: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Now, for every movable sign ascendant, Badhakesh Planet will be 11th house lord. For every fixed sign ascendant, Badhakesh Planet will be 9th house lord. For every dual sign ascendant, Badhakesh Planet will be 7th house lord.

How is Maraka calculated?

Add up the number of Rekhas (malefic points) contributed by Saturn in the houses from the lagna to that occupied by Saturn, this figure will indicate the age at which adversity will strike the native; add up the rekhas contributed by Saturn from the house occupied by Saturn to lagna, this figure will indicate the age …

What are Badhaka planets?

“Badhaka” is a term given to a planet based on which house you start counting from, and it need not be from the Ascendant. So for instance, if the question pertains to career and profession, and if the Ascendant is Cancer, then the 10th falls in Aries (using the Whole Sign House system).

How do you identify a Badhak planet?

If a movable sign like Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn is present in birth ascendant, the Lord of eleventh house is considered to be Badhak. On the other hand, if a fixed sign like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius is present in birth ascendant, the Lord of ninth house is considered to be Badhak.

Why 7th house is Maraka?

Astrological – 8th house is house of longevity. 7th house is 12th from 8th house, hence 7th house represents loss of longevity. So, 7th house is Maraka/Killer/Death Inflicting house.

What if Maraka planet is exalted?

If the Marak planet in the Kundli is in a favorable condition i.e. posited in its own or exalted sign, then it is also possible that when the Dasha of Marak planet occurs, some physical problems may arise, but favorable results in many areas of life can also occur, thereby leading to success.

What is Kendradhipati Dosha?

Kendradhipati dosha is the blemish of ownership of these kendras and works to negate the natural characteristic of the planet owning the house. If the lord of such a house in a horoscope is a natural malefic, then the harmful effects come down. Similarly the good effects of the natural benefics comes down a notch.

What is Bhadak in Astrology?

For every Lagna/ascendant, there is a planet that mainly gives obstacles. Its main duty is to give some obstacle and that planet is known as Badhak/Bdhakesh. In whichever house this planet is placed, you will find difficulty in achieving the properties of that house.

Which house indicates second marriage?

The basic significator of second marriage is 1st house: you, yourself. Next is 8th house, the Dusthana house in a horoscope which denotes a second marriage. Finally it is the 9th house which is the main significator for second marriage. In the male’s chart it signifies the wife means Venus and Marriage matters.

How can I cancel my Kendradhipati Dosha?

Kendradhipati dosha is cancelled if the lord is placed in a trine. The planet gets back its own original characteristic. They do well if placed in dushatanas as well and this shows that they are treated like regular malefics in the chart. They do well too if they are debilitated too.