What is Kyo Sohma secret?

What is Kyo Sohma secret?

He is the adoptive son of Kazuma Sohma, whom he was taken in by after the death of his mother and the rejection from his biological father. Kyo is cursed by the spirit of the Cat, an animal who would have been part of the Chinese Zodiac had the Rat not tricked him into missing the ceremony.

What is Kyo Sohma true form?

hideous monster
Kyo’s bracelet in Fruits Basket is well-known. It is the charm which keeps him from transforming into his “true form” – a hideous monster. Kyo’s bracelet is actually, as told by him, a set of juzu, or Buddhist prayer beads.

What is Kyo sorry for?

At one point, after going through life-changing experiences, Kyo is even willing to apologize to him for apparently making his mother commit suicide. However, he also makes it very clear that he would never let himself be locked up in the Cat’s room.

What does Kyo call his master?

Although Kyo calls him “Shishou” (meaning “Master”), Kazuma states that he doesn’t want to make his students address him by such.

Why is Akito so sick?

On the other side, Akito herself is a victim, as Ren forced her to live as a male because she was to afraid Akito would replace her in Akira’s heart. Akira, in an attempt to give Akito solace, unintentionally brainwashed her into thinking that she was “special” and would be loved by the Zodiacs no matter what she did.

What Zodiac is Akito?

16 Character Chart

Name Age Birth Zodiac* / Cursed Zodiac
Momiji Sohma 15 Rat / Rabbit
Hatsuharu Sohma 15 Boar / Ox
Akito Sohma ~20** Horse / God
Kisa Sohma 12 Tiger / Tiger

Is Kyo a tsundere?

As a classic shojo manga and anime, Fruits Basket features a fan-favorite male tsundere, Kyo Sohma, as a love interest of Tohru, the main protagonist. While Kyo is often hot-headed and aggressive in nature, his undeniable soft spot for the gentle Tohru brings out the best in him.

What Zodiac is Akito Sohma?

Akito seems only able to spend time with Tohru at New Years, when the Sohma estate celebrates; given she willingly stays away from the former Zodiacs (which would include Kyo). Her star sign is the Cancer.

Is Saki Hanajima a zodiac?

She is depicted as very perceptive; and conducts herself in a deadpan manner. She is considered to be scary by her female schoolmates; though Saki uses her reputation to shield Tohru from the malice of the Prince Yuki Fan Club….

Saki Hanajima
Blood Type AB
Year Dog
Astrological Sign Capricorn
Professional Status