What is Maine Community Foundation?

What is Maine Community Foundation?

The Maine Community Foundation works with donors and other partners. to improve the quality of life for all Maine people. We draw on our deep knowledge. of the state to advance statewide issues.

Who owns the Libra Foundation?

Betty Noyce
Libra Foundation

Founded 1989
Founder Betty Noyce
Type Charitable trust
Location Portland, Maine, United States of America
Method Donations and Grants

Where is the Libra Foundation located?

San Francisco, California
The Libra Foundation is located in San Francisco, California, United States .

Who owns Pineland Farms in Maine?

the Libra Foundation
Who owns Pineland? All of the real estate and buildings at Pineland – both the campus and the three farms – are owned by October Corporation. What is October Corporation? October Corporation is a nonprofit title-holding company of the Libra Foundation.

Who funds NoVo Foundation?

investor Warren Buffett
Funded with more than $1.4 billion by legendary investor Warren Buffett and led by his youngest son, Peter, and Peter’s wife, Jennifer, NoVo is best known for its feminist politics, its commitment to marginalized groups, and its funding of activist groups like Black Lives Matter.

Who is Borealis philanthropy?

Borealis is a social justice philanthropic intermediary working to resource grassroots movements for transformative change. We build bridges between funders and organizers to support movements working to make a future that serves all of us.

When did Pineland in Maine close?

The Pineland Center did not close for good until 1996. Among those abuses was a sterilization program that ran until the 1960s.

How many acres is Pineland Farms?

Located in the rolling hills of New Gloucester, Maine, PINELAND FARMS is a 5,000-acre working farm, diverse business campus and educational and recreational venue that welcomes visitors to enjoy its beautiful rural landscape.

What does the NoVo Foundation do?

Purpose and Activities. NoVo Foundation seeks to foster a paradigm shift from domination to partnership. Funds are primarily directed toward the empowerment of women and girls, social emotional learning for all, and support for men and boys as their roles transform toward a more balanced society.

Who is Jennifer Buffett?

Jennifer Buffett is Co-Chair and President of the NoVo Foundation (“NoVo” is Latin: create. change.) a philanthropic organization focused primarily on the empowerment of women and girls.

Is Arabella Advisors a non profit?

Arabella Advisors manages a suite of independent nonprofit organizations that provide fiscal sponsorship and project incubation to a wide range of charitable initiatives.

Who owns NoVo Foundation?

Peter Buffett
The NoVo Foundation is the private foundation controlled by Peter Buffett, son of investor and left-of-center philanthropist Warren Buffett, and Peter’s wife Jennifer. Warren provided the initial donation of 350,000 shares of Berkshire Hathaway valued at $1,000,000,000.