What is parthenium good for?

What is parthenium good for?

Parthenium hysterophorus confers many health benefits, viz remedy for skin inflammation, rheumatic pain, diarrhoea, urinary tract infections, dysentery, malaria and neuralgia. Its prospect as nano-medicine is being carried out with some preliminary success so far.

What is the parthenium plant called?

Parthenium hysterophorus is a species of flowering plant in the aster family, Asteraceae. It is native to the American tropics. Common names include Santa-Maria, Santa Maria feverfew, whitetop weed, and famine weed. In India, it is locally known as carrot grass, congress grass or Gajar Ghas.

Is parthenium toxic?

Parthenium hysterophorus L. is a toxic weed for both grazing animals and humans coming into its contact either directly or indirectly.

Which disease is caused by parthenium?

Two most important diseases associated with parthenium were a rust disease, caused by Puccinia abrupta var. partheniicola, and a phyllody disease, caused by a phytoplasma of fababean phyllody (PBP) phytoplasma group.

Can cows eat parthenium?

Parthenium harmful to livestock Though cattle do not eat Parthenium, its effects were observed on them when they walk by or graze through patches of this weed. Such cattle had inflamed udder and subsequently suffered from fever and rashes.

Do goats eat parthenium?

Unpalatable to animals: Literature shows that buffalos, cows and sheep do not eat Parthenium while goats can (Javaid & Anjum 2005).

Why parthenium is known as carrot grass?

Parthenium is popularly called Gajarghass or carrot weed as it resembles carrot plant at seedling stage, which is understandable.

Can cows eat Parthenium?

Do goats eat Parthenium?

Is congress grass poisonous?

The weed, which is known to cause skin and respiratory diseases owing to its poisonous property, has already created havoc in many Indian states like Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh among others. The congress grass grows extremely fast along the roads in many villages and kills many other flora species on its way.

How did parthenium come to Australia?

May have been introduced to Australia from the USA on machinery during World War II and as a contaminant of imported pasture seed during the 1950s.

How did the parthenium plant come to India?

congress grass or parthenium, a native of tropical America, came to India accidentally in 1955. A rapidly growing invasive species, this grass competes well for nutrients and space and reproduces fast.