What is puppet vagrant?

What is puppet vagrant?

The Vagrant Puppet provisioner allows you to provision the guest using Puppet, specifically by calling puppet apply , without a Puppet Master.

What does vagrant provision do?

Command: vagrant provision [vm-name] Runs any configured provisioners against the running Vagrant managed machine. This command is a great way to quickly test any provisioners, and is especially useful for incremental development of shell scripts, Chef cookbooks, or Puppet modules.

What is the difference between vagrant and terraform?

Vagrant is a tool focused for managing development environments and Terraform is a tool for building infrastructure. Terraform can describe complex sets of infrastructure that exist locally or remotely. It is focused on building and changing that infrastructure over time.

How do I provision a VM using vagrant?

Provision a Virtual Machine

  1. Create an HTML directory.
  2. Write a provisioning script.
  3. Configure Vagrant.
  4. Provision the webserver.
  5. Next Steps.

Does anyone still use Vagrant?

Vagrant is still alive and used. It still has its warts but it’s a stable piece of software.

Is Vagrant like Docker?

Essentially, Docker is a technology for creating and running Linux containers, and Vagrant is a machine provisioning tool used to create VMs and then populate them with applications. In other words, you use Vagrant to create a VM and install Docker. Then, once Docker is installed, that VM can run containers.

Is vagrant like Docker?

Is Vagrant dead?

Vagrant is far from dead, but it suffers from a couple of long-lasting issues, including the resource footprint of virtual machines created, the speed of sharing files between the host and virtual machine, and the speed of making configuration changes to virtual machines.

Which is better Vagrant or Docker?

Vagrant allows you to isolate all the necessary resources completely. However, compared to Docker, it requires more resources initially. Compared to Vagrant, Docker wins on this criterion because it spends fewer resources, and you can create Docker images faster than Vagrant virtual machines.

Is Vagrant a VM or a container?

Should I use Vagrant or Docker?

The important difference between Vagrant vs. Docker is that Docker is used to create and run Linux containers, while Vagrant does the work to provision a machine with an operating system, a Docker installation and any other application that needs to run on the OS.

Is Vagrant better than Docker?

One big difference between Docker and Vagrant is that Docker containers run on Linux, but Vagrant files can contain any operating system. That said, Docker does work with non-Linux operating systems. It just needs to run within a Linux virtual machine.