What is Sia singing about in chandelier?

What is Sia singing about in chandelier?

The lyrics of Sia’s “Chandelier” are about a party girls’ love for living life to the fullest. She loves the attention being a party girl gives her despite the fact that it’s fleeting and not genuine. She knows she’s the one for the good time. The one people call on only for fun.

What does SIA chandelier music video mean?

On “Chandelier,” Sia sings about a wild party girl who is literally swinging from the chandelier at night, but crippled by feelings of intense guilt and shame come morning. The woman in “Chandelier” is surrounding herself with phony friends who don’t really care about her. She’s self-medicating with alcohol.

What vocal range does Sia have?

Sia is often called a mezzo. People tend to give the mezzo label to anyone with a ‘larger’ voice and/or who can go below D3. Sia’s technique does everything to hinder her comfort in her mixed voice. Despite it she still sings there frequently (Chandelier, Alive, Titanium, Golden).

What does swinging from the chandeliers mean?

I’m gonna swing from the chandelier. From the chandelier] Swinging from the chandelier refers to the advise depressed people get all the time. Just like ‘living as tomorrow never exist. They’re advised to stop thinking about issues and problems – to stop worrying, Act in the moment.

How old was Maddie Ziegler in Chandelier?

She gained wide notice, at the age of 11, by starring in the 2014 video for “Chandelier” by Sia, who discovered her on Dance Moms.

Who is the girl in the Chandelier video?

Maddie Ziegler
Maddie Ziegler was just 11 years old when she shot to fame with her breathtaking performance in Sia’s Chandelier music video. Best known for wearing a nude leotard and a blonde wig as she performs the interpretive routine, Maddie also starred in Sia’s video for Elastic Heart alongside Shia LaBeouf.

How does Sia sing so well?

Her low notes are not hit by lowing the larynx and have a dark quality to them, though they are easily the weakest part of her range. The mid-range is strong, as well as chest voice notes up to C5. Her head voice is sweet and feminine. Her phrasing and tone are original and instantly identifiable.