What is t-Bomb extreme?

What is t-Bomb extreme?

Clinical Strength T-Bomb 3xtreme from Maximum Human Performance uses potent doses of powerful herbal extracts, an advanced five-phase hormone optimizing technology and a 2nd messenger complex to help increase testosterone.

Does t-Bomb 3xtreme work?

Incredibly, at the end of the study athletes taking T-Bomb 3xtreme had over 30% greater increase in free testosterone relative to the control group, with no change in estrogen levels, plus higher lean body mass. These results suggest that T-Bomb 3xtreme works under even the harshest of training conditions.

What is your review of T Bomb 3Xtreme?

T-Bomb 3xtreme Review. Bottom Line. We personally tried not to be too critical of this product, as we know that someone has tried very hard to create a safe and effective product. However, in our honest opinion, the only real positive about T-Bomb 3xtreme is that it contains Fenugreek Seed Extract.

Who is the company behind T-Bomb 3extreme?

MHP is the company behind T-BOMB 3EXTREME. The company first introduced an original version of T-BOMB in 2002. However, they then researched and produced another version of this formula called T-BOMB 3XTREME which they say it has over 20% potency level.

Does MHP’s t-bomb 3Xtreme have side effects?

There are 2 ingredients that can cause side effects in MHP’s T-Bomb 3xtreme – Tribulus Terrestris and DIM. For this reason, we usually avoid supplements containing them (we don’t want to experience side effects when using our hard-earned cash for these supplements). Simply put, we always try to avoid supplements that contain 2 things:

Does t-bomb boost testosterone?

Tribulus Terrestris has no effect on testosterone levels and can cause side effects All ingredients are part of 2 proprietary blends (increased risk of side effects) T-Bomb is marked as MHP’s ‘Clinical Strength’ testosterone booster supplement. It costs $44.95 for 56 servings, with a serving size of 3 capsules per day.