What is TaylorMade standard driver length?

What is TaylorMade standard driver length?

Inverted Cone Technology

SIM Driver 45.75″
SIM Driver 45.75″
SIM Driver 10.5° 45.75″

Is TaylorMade R1 still a good driver?

Overall we are not mad about the sole plate or the graphics, but once you hit it you don’t really notice them at all as the performance of the R1 driver is excellent….TaylorMade R1 Driver – Product Details.

UK Launch 01 February 2013
Material Titanium
Shaft Types Graphite
Shaft Flex X Stiff, Stiff, Regular

What year did TaylorMade R1 driver come out?

The R1 is one of three super adjustable drivers that will be available in 2013, none of which are black.

What does the M mean on a TaylorMade shaft?

Senior flex
M means Senior flex in Taylormade products. Thank you.

How do I know my driver length?

To determine your optimum driver length, look at where you hit the ball on the face of your driver. If your hits are mostly towards the heel, your driver is too long. Another possibility is that the shaft is too light. Try choking down on the shaft and see if your contact improves.

How long should my driver be for my height?

Driver Shaft Length Based Solely on Height

Height (feet/inches) Driver Shaft Length
5’4″-5’7″ 45.5″
5’2″-5’4″ 45″
5’0″-5’2″ 44.5″
4’10”-5’0″ 44″

What size is a TaylorMade R1 driver?

TaylorMade R1 Driver

Specifications: TaylorMade R1 Driver
Club/Loft Hand Length
R1 (8°-12° Range) RH/LH 45.5″

What flex do I need for my driver?

– Golf Shaft Flex Chart

Carry Distance Swing Speed Flex
Under 200 yards Under 75 mph Ladies or Senior
200 to 240 yards 75 to 95 mph Regular
240 to 275 yards 95 to 110 mph Stiff
Over 275 yards Over 110 mph Stiff or Extra Stiff

What does 5.5 shaft flex mean?

Regular – 5.0. Regular Plus – 5.5. Stiff – 6.0. Extra Stiff – 6.5. Extra Stiff Plus – 7.0.

How long should a golf driver be for my height?

1. Measure Your Overall Height (i.e. “static” fitting)

5’7″ to 6’1″ standard length in inches
6’1″ to 6’2″ plus 1/4″
6’2″ to 6’4″ plus 1/2″
6’4″ to 6’6″ plus 1″