What is the affirmative tu command for hablar?

What is the affirmative tú command for hablar?

Affirmative Tú Form Commands

infinitive: affirmative tú command: affirmative usted command:
hablar habla hable
correr corre corra
repetir repite repita

What are affirmative commands in Spanish?

Informal Spanish Commands – Affirmative & Negative

verb tú command (affirmative) example
hacer (to do, to make) haz Haz la cama. (Make the bed.)
ir (to go) ve Vete. (Go away.)
poner (to put, to place) pon Ponlo en mi habitación. (Put it in my room.)
salir (to go out, to leave) sal Sal de aquí. (Get out of here.)

How do you form Tu commands?

To create a negative tú command, remember this mantra: form of yo, drop the – o, add the opposite ending. Adding the opposite ending means if a verb has an infinitive that ends in – ar, the present tense tú ending for an – er/– ir verb is used to create the negative tú command.

How do you conjugate hablar?

In English, the present indicative form of hablar is “speak,” “speaks” or “am/is/are speaking.”…Present Indicative of Hablar.

Person/Number Verb Change
Yo (I) Hablo
Tú (you) Hablas
Usted, él, ella (he, she, it) Habla
Nosotros (we) Hablamos

What are the 8 irregular affirmative tu commands?

Irregular Tú Affirmative Commands

  • Ser: sé
  • Poner: pon.
  • Tener: ten.
  • Salir: sal.
  • Venir: ven.
  • Ir: ve.
  • Decir: di.
  • Hacer: haz.

What tense is hablar in?

The verb hablar is regular in the imperfect tense. It follows the normal pattern for -ar verbs.

What are some affirmative commands?

Irregular Affirmative Tú Commands

Verb Affirmative Tú Command Form
venir ven
hacer haz
decir di
poner pon

How many irregular affirmative tú commands are there *?

List of 8 irregular affirmative tú commands.

What is hablar conjugated?

Hablar Conjugation: Preterite Tense yo. hablé tú hablaste. él/ella.