What is the best DPS class in swtor?

What is the best DPS class in swtor?

Sentinel / Maurader — Concentraion/Fury is the current top DPS spec in the game, by quite a large margin.

What is the most powerful class in swtor?

then What is the most powerful swtor class? The strongest one hands down is the Sith Inquisitor. The reasons are that both the Inquisitor and the Consular have an army to back them, but in the case of the inquisitor he binds several force spirits increasing his/her power beyond any limits.

Is there a DPS meter for Swtor?

As noted, the usual “go to” damage meter is StarParse, but bear one small point in mind. There are no WoW-style damage meters in SWTOR because SWTOR has no add-on interface. StarParse, as its name hints, parses the combat logs that you can activate, although it does have “live” parsing onto an overlay.

What ranged DPS?

Those who do damage mostly to nearby enemies, or, as we call, enemies in melee range. Those who do damage to enemies usually from a far distance.

What is the best class story in SWTOR?

1 The Imperial Agent It’s kind of funny how a game based on Star Wars, with Force users, bounty hunters, and whatnot, has this random class as the best written of all.

Can you mod SWTOR?

To modify a item, you need to have the armoring, mod, or enhancement in your inventory. CTRL-Right click on the item, either in your inventory or on you Character Sheet. Then right click the mod in your inventory to add it to that item. The old mod will be destroyed unless you extract it first.

What ranged class should I play in wow?

Bm hunter is the best ranged class that plays ranged like a melee, but easier rotation than any other class melee or ranged in the game.

What is the best ranged DPS in Ffxiv?

FFXIV Best DPS Classes: Caster, Ranged And Melee

  • Casters – Magical Ranged DPS. Red Mage. Job Design. Raid Utility. Embolden. Magick Barrier. Verraise & Vercure.
  • Physical Ranged DPS. Machinist. Job Design. Damage Output. Bard. Job Design. Raid Utility.
  • Melee DPS. Monk. Raid Utility. Mantra. Brotherhood. Damage Output. Samurai.
  • Conclusion.

How long does it take to beat SWTOR?


Single-Player Polled Median
Main Story 23 80h
Main + Extras 28 126h 39m
Completionists 2 1284h 30m
All PlayStyles 53 100h