What is the meaning of name lakshana?

What is the meaning of name lakshana?

Lakshana (Sanskrit: लक्षण lakṣaṇa) – derived from the combination of words lakshya and kshana – means ‘indication’ or ‘symptom’. It also means ‘an auspicious mark’, ‘attribute’ or ‘quality’. In Tamil language, Lakshanam means “features”.

Is lakshana a Tamil name?

Lakshana is Tamil Girl name and meaning of this name is “Symbol; Duryodhana’s Daughter; One …”.

What is the meaning of name Lakshaya?

Name Lakshya generally means Aim or Destination or Target, is of Indian origin, Name Lakshya is a Unisex name, which means both Boy and Girl can have this name.

Is lakshana a good name?

Meaning of Lakshana is one with auspicious signs on her, goal, vision, metaphor, an apsara. Lakshana is Baby girl name and is of origin indian. Person having name Lakshana are mainly hindu by religion….Meaning of Lakshana.

Name : Lakshana
Nakshatra : Aswini
Numerology : 4
Religion : Hindu
Origin : Indian

What is the lucky number of Lakshya?

Lakshya Name Meaning

Name: Lakshya
Meaning: ‘Target, Aim, destination’
Pronunciation: ‘Lak-shya, Laks-h-ya’
Origin: ‘Punjabi ‘
Lucky Number: ‘Lakshya lucky number is 5’

What is the meaning of Lakshita in Telugu?

Lakshita is Telugu Girl name and meaning of this name is “A Person who has Some Aims”.

What is the Rashi of Lakshya name?

Meaning of Lakshay

Name : Lakshay
Rashi : Mesha
Nakshatra : Aswini
Numerology : 5
Religion : Hindu

What is the lucky Colour of Lakshya?

For name ‘Lakshya’, explore its Rashi, Numerology, Compatibility, Auspicious stones, Meaning, Origin, Gender, Religion, Name for Siblings, or Names for Twins, Advance search or its In-depth Information….

Lucky Numbers: 2, 7, 9
Lucky Color: Red, Violet
Lucky Stones: Ruby
Alternate Stones: Diamond
Lucky Metal: Copper, Iron

What is lucky number of Lakshya?