What is the purpose of CSEA?

What is the purpose of CSEA?

The CSEA represents classified California school employees in contract negotiations through collective bargaining. CSEA union representatives also hold workshops to educate bargaining team members in negotiation tactics and legal developments.

How do I log into CSEA?

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What does CSEA stand for in California?

The California School Employees Association
The California School Employees Association is the largest classified school employee union in the United States, representing nearly 250,000 school support staff throughout California.

Will CA state employees get a raise in 2021?

Gavin Newsom and the Legislature restored state employees’ pay in July after reducing it a year earlier amid projections of a budget shortfall that never came to pass. Most state workers also received pay raises of around 5% — or about 2.5% for each of the fiscal years ending in 2020 and 2021.

Is CSEA a good union?

The range of benefits and services CSEA provides is unmatched by any other union in the House of Labor. Besides a contract and representation on the job, CSEA members get to have a say at work by voting in union elections and ratifying their contracts.

How do I get out of a CSEA union?

If you have decided to opt out of the CSEA, the process should be straightforward.

  1. Go to the California resources page, and download or email yourself a copy of the standard opt out letter.
  2. Fill in the letter with your information and mail copies to your union and employer.

Is CSEA a nonprofit?

The CSEA Foundation is a non-profit, charitable corporation created to fund Scholarships and Disaster Grants to CSEA affiliate members, dependents, spouses and grandchildren (ACSS, CSR, CSUEU, SEIU Local 1000 and UAW Local 2350).

Who’s the highest paid state employee in California?

The top earner in 2021, for instance, was Christopher Ailman, who is the chief investment officer for the California State Teachers’ Retirement System. He earned almost $1.7 million in total compensation. CalSTRS provides retirement plans for about 1 million teachers and retired teachers.

Will California state employees get a raise in 2022?

Rather than forgo the July 1, 2020 general salary increase of 2.5%—as proposed by the State—we instead agreed to defer that 2.5% raise to 2022, making the 7% GSI we won in this three-year contract payable by a 2% increase in 2021 and the remaining 5% in 2022.

Is CSEA only in NY?

CSEA is made up of six geographic regions: Long Island, New York City, Southern, Capital, Central, and Western.

Should I join the California School Employees Association?

Now is the time to have an advocate like CSEA on your side. Your membership and participation in CSEA help us achieve results when it comes to safer schools and job security. With your support, we can negotiate for better health insurance, sick leave and the other important benefits you and your family rely on.

How much does it cost to join CSEA?

How much are CSEA dues? According to federal filings, CSEA charges dues that range from $184 to $824 per year. In 2020, the average member paid $553 in dues.