What is the purpose of H-bridge in interfacing a DC motor with Arduino?

What is the purpose of H-bridge in interfacing a DC motor with Arduino?

A more versatile way of controlling a DC motor is to use a circuit called an “H-Bridge”. An “H-Bridge” is an arrangement of transistors that allow you to control both the direction and speed of the motor.

How can a PWM be used to control an H-bridge?

H-Bridges. PWM is often used in conjunction with an H-Bridge. This configuration is so named because it resembles the letter H, and allows the effective voltage across the load to be doubled since the power supply can be switched across both sides of the load.

What is PWM in Arduino?

Pulse Width Modulation, or PWM, is a technique for getting analog results with digital means. Digital control is used to create a square wave, a signal switched between on and off.

What is the difference function of PWM and H-Bridge control?

The PWM will signal how fast the motor should turn and the H-bridge acts as a switch – turning the supply voltage on or off according to the PWM signal.

Why is PWM better than a variable power supply?

Having a PWM, means you do not have a resistor in series,meaning no waste in the form of heat. We just shuttle the Motor between ON & OFF, and the average gives us the voltage. So , no waste of power is there.

What is an H-Bridge used for?

The H-bridge is an electronic circuit that looks like the letter H. An H-bridge is used to drive a load, such as a brushed DC motor, in both directions. And it controls the flow of current to a load.

How is a half H-Bridge different from a full H-Bridge?

Often “Half-bridges” are used where you’d expect an H-Bridge. They are almost the same – but only the left (or right) part of the Bridge is already connected. (2 switches in series with their middle as output. Out of two half-bridges you can build an H-Bridge (also often referred to as Full-Bridge).

What is an H-Bridge Why do we need one instead of just using the Arduino alone?

The main reason is that the Arduino can only handle supplying a small amount of power and most motors would draw more power than the Arduino can supply. When you use the H-Bridge, you supply the power for the motor(s) from an external power source so you do not put any strain on the Arduino’s power supply.

What is dual H-Bridge motor driver?

L298N Dual H Bridge Motor Driver is a motor controller breakout board which is typically used for controlling speed and direction of motors. It can also be used to control the brightness of certain lighting projects such as high powered LED arrays.