What is the reason for Z track?

What is the reason for Z track?

THE Z-TRACK METHOD of I.M. injection prevents leakage of irritating and discoloring medications (such as iron dextran) into the subcutaneous tissue. It also may be used in elderly patients who have decreased muscle mass. Lateral displacement of the skin during the injection helps seal the drug in the muscle.

Is Z track still recommended?

The Z-track method is not often recommended, but can be particularly useful with medication that must be absorbed by muscle to work. It also helps to prevent medication from seeping into the subcutaneous tissue and ensures a full dosage. Some medications are dark colored and can cause staining of the skin.

What is the advantage of using the Z track method of intramuscular injection?

It’s pretty simple: The Z-track is a better injection technique. It’s been shown to reduce leakage of medication through subcutaneous tissue and decrease skin lesions at the injection site. Plus, it doesn’t hurt patients quite as much as a regular I.M. injection.

Does Z Tracking reduce pain?

Research findings demonstrated that the Z-track and internally rotated foot techniques significantly reduced pain intensity during intramus- cular injection. Statistically significant differences in pain intensity were observed between the three injection techniques.

When do you not use Z track?

A maximum of 2 ml is recommended for older adults and thin patients. . The Z-track method should not be used with infant vaccinations where skin is compressed.

Can medicine leak out after injection?

When the needle is removed, a small amount of medication or blood—can sometimes wick up through the track and leak out of the body. That leaking is also called tracking. The Z track method helps to prevent leaking after an IM injection by altering the track created by the needle.

Do you massage after heparin injection?

Using a sterile gauze, apply gentle pressure at the site after the needle is withdrawn. Do not massage the site. Massage is not necessary and can damage underlying tissue. Massaging after a heparin injection can contribute to the formation of a hematoma.

What are the disadvantages of intramuscular injections?


  • Expert and a trained person is required for administrating the drug by IM route.
  • The absorption of the drug is determined by the bulk of the muscle and its vascularity.
  • The onset and duration of the action of the drug is not adjustable.

What are the disadvantages of subcutaneous injection?

The slower absorption is a common disadvantage of subcutaneous administration because there is less blood flow to quickly absorb drug; however, this may be an advantage as well, in that lower doses of drugs may last for longer periods.

Is it good to massage after injection?

Generally, rubbing or massaging the injection site area should be avoided through the time the drug is expected to reach peak levels to avoid intended absorption patterns.

What helps pain after testosterone injections?

Treatment for post-injection inflammation

  1. Cold packs. These help reduce swelling, itching, and pain.
  2. Over-the-counter pain medicines. These help reduce pain and inflammation.
  3. Prescription medicine. These treat infection.

What is Z tracking when giving injections?

The idea behind the Z track method of IM injections is to put medications into the muscle tissue and not allow them to leak (track) back into the subcutaneous tissue layer over the muscle.