What is unspecified minor military construction?

What is unspecified minor military construction?

An unspecified minor military construction project is a military construction project that has an approved cost equal to or less than $6,000,000. An unspecified minor military construction project costing more than $750,000 may not be carried out under this section unless approved in advance by the Secretary concerned.

What is a MilCon?

DoD’s military construction (or “MilCon”) program includes all work necessary to produce complete and usable facilities; or to complete usable improvements to existing facilities, in support of DoD Components.

What is the minor construction threshold?

One of these limitations, the “minor construction threshold,” caps the amount of “operation and maintenance funds” or “facilities and “infrastructure funds authorized by a DOE national security authorization” that may be spent on General Plant Projects (GPP), defined as minor construction projects that are not …

Can you use O&M funds for construction?

A. The FY 2004 NDAA, section 2808, as amended, currently authorizes use of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) funds for construction projects that meet a very specific set of criteria. Contingency Construction Authority can undergo significant authority or procedural changes when it is reauthorized in the annual NDAA.

What is a dd1391?

The DD Form 1391 is used by the Department of Defense to submit documented requirements necessary for the submittal of program justification in support of funding request for military construction projects to Congress.

Which appropriation is RDT&E?

RDT&E Appropriations Under Title IV Approximately 97% of DOD’s RDT&E funding is appropriated in Title IV (Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation), which includes appropriations for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, a Defense-wide RDT&E account, and the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation.

What is OPA funding?

Other Procurement, Army (OPA) funds the purchase of single pieces of equipment that cost in excess of $250K or multiple pieces that form a system.

What can you buy with O&M funds?

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Appropriations funds the cost of operating and maintaining equipment at a state of readiness. It covers expenses such as civilian salaries, travel, minor construction projects, operating military forces, training and education, depot maintenance, stock funds, and base operations support.

How long is O&M money good for?

one year
O&M and MILPERS appropriations have a one year current period; RDT&E appropriations have a two year current period; Procurement appropriations have a three year current period (Procurement for Navy Shipbuilding/Conversion has a five year current period), and MILCON appropriations have a five year current period.

What is a DD Form 139?

DD FORM 139, MAY 53 PAY ADJUSTMENT AUTHORIZATION. NOTE: If member has been transferred, forward this authorization to the officer currently maintaining the member’s pay record.