What is Ward 36 in Ninewells?

What is Ward 36 in Ninewells?

Ninewells Hospital (Ward 36) Gynaecology Outpatient Services, Ninewells (inclusive of Gynae Assessment Unit (GAU), Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic (EPAC) and Outpatients Area 3) Women’s Unit, PRI (inclusive of Women’s Clinic and Gynae Ward)

What is Ward 4 at Ninewells?

ward 4 (general medicine) ward 5 (medicine for the elderly) ward 6 (medicine for the elderly) ward 7 (general surgery/acute surgical receiving unit)

What is Ward 32 Ninewells Hospital?

We look after patients with various conditions but Ward 32 specialises in Head and Neck surgery. We care for both men and women on the ward in 4 or 6 bedded single sex bays. Each bay has its own bathroom. Each ward also has some single rooms, allocated on clinical need, each with ensuite facilities.

What is Ward 26 Ninewells Hospital?

Ward 26 is now the supporting all breast, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Ear,Nose and Throat, Plastic and Ophthalmology patients.

What is Ward 24 Ninewells Hospital?

ward 16 (acute medicine for the elderly) ward 20 (intensive care unit) ward 24 (surgical), and. ward 33 (stroke).

What is Ward 11 in Ninewells?

Ward 11 is a 36 bedded cardiothoracic surgical ward. We also care for patients with medical and cardiology conditions. Our Ward Comprises of both 4 and 6 bedded single sex bays.

What is Ward 10 Ninewells Hospital?

ward 10 (surgical) ward 14 (acute medical unit) ward 16 (acute medicine for the elderly) ward 20 (intensive care unit)

What happens on a cardiothoracic ward?

The Cardiothoracic Ward cares for patients having a wide variety of cardiac or thoracic surgical procedures. Surgery to remove one lobe of a lung is called a lobectomy. Removal of a whole lung is called a pneumonectomy. It is still possible to breathe normally, even with only one lung.

What is Ninewells Hospital in Scotland famous for?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ninewells Hospital is a large teaching hospital, based on the western edge of Dundee, Scotland. It is internationally renowned for introducing laparoscopic surgery to the UK as well as being a leading centre in developing fields such as the management of cancer, medical genetics and robotic surgery.

How did the opening of Ninewells affect Dundee’s hospitals?

The opening of Ninewells had a major impact upon Dundee’s existing hospitals. Dundee Royal Infirmary, which had opened in 1798 and moved to larger premises in the 1850s, had been Dundee’s main hospital until the opening of Ninewells.

What is Ward 38 at Ward Ward 38?

Ward 38 is the inpatient maternity ward based in Ninewells Hospital. It is comprised of North and South wards. Throughout your stay, your care will be provided by our team of midwives, obstetricians, maternity care assistants and health care assistants.

What is the concourse at Ninewells Hospital?

As you come in the front door of Ninewells you enter the main concourse. This contains a number of shops, a cash machine and the reception desk, and is the central point for accessing the other blocks of the hospital.