What level is Mount Olympus wizard101?

What level is Mount Olympus wizard101?

Mount Olympus is the beginning of Aquila. The first of three dungeon instances. You must be Level 30 to access this dungeon.

How do you unlock Mount Olympus in wizard101?

How do I get access to Mount Olympus? The only Prequest for this side quest is being Level 30 to start this quest, named “Quest for Glory” given by Cyrus Drake to talk to Romulus, then Harold Argleston and back to Cyclops to speak with Romulus again.

How good is Zeus gear wizard101?

Zeus is better for health, accuracy & damage (important for Storm), plus it offers a healing bonus. It’s the best gear a Storm can get up until level 55 crafted, or level 60 Waterworks.

Can you get other school gear in Mount Olympus?

Senator gear can be obtained from all over the Mount Olympus dungeon and you can get off school gear pieces. This means that a wizard can get any piece of gear from any school.

Can you solo Olympus Wizard101?

Re: When to do mount olympus If you intend on soloing the dungeon, you can probably do so when you get to a Master Level (level 40). Using enchanted and bladed hummongfrogs can work for the most part but you will have to use a combination of both frog and minotaur for the final boss.

How many worlds are in Wizard101?

Since its launch, Wizard101 has released twelve mainline “World” expansions: Dragonspyre (2009), Celestia (2010), Zafaria (2011), Avalon (2012), Azteca (2012), Khrysalis Part 1 (2013), Khrysalis Part 2 (2014), Polaris (2015), Mirage (2016), Empyrea Part 1 (2017), Empyrea Part 2 (2018), Karamelle (2020), and Lemuria ( …

How do you get Mount Olympus?

Where It Is and How to Get There. Mount Olympus sits on the border of the regions of Thessaly and Macedonia. The easiest access to the mountain and its trails is from the tourist village of Litochoro, at the base of the mountain. It is about 260 miles North of Athens or 57 miles southwest of Thessaloniki.

Where is Mount Olympus w101?

Mount Olympus is the first dungeon you will enter while questing through Aquila. This dungeon is for Level 30 and above Wizards. Here you will fight the Mighty Zeus!

Who drops Senators gear?

Zeus is the final boss of the dungeon and he is the guy who drops your school-specific gear. He drops 2 versions of this gear. The Senator’s gear and Zeus’s gear; Zeus’s gear is better than Senator’s, but if you’re tired of farmimg Senator’s gear will suffice as a replacement for Zeus’s.

How do you beat Poseidon in wizard101?

Drink from the depths!” – If any single-target Charm, Prism, or Trap is cast on Poseidon, he will use his Natural Attack, which removes all Traps that were placed on him. Multi-target Spells, such as Windstorm or others, can still be used.

What level is Zeus gear?

level 90+
Death Zeus Gear Here is the level 90+ gear set available from Zeus for Death wizards.

Is Mount Olympus hard wizard101?

Mt. Olympus is surprisingly difficult to solo if you’re not used to intense, cheating dungeons. At level 50 you will probably be okay through most of it, but the fight that might challenge you most will be going up against 4 cyclops guards who love to stun.