What morphs can you get from a pastel ball python?

What morphs can you get from a pastel ball python?

Pastel Ball Python Morph Guide (With Pictures)

  • Super pastel ghost ball python.
  • Super Pastel Ghost.
  • Striped Super Pastel.

What makes a pastel ball python?

Pastel Ball Pythons are genetic variants (i.e. morphs) of the wild type Ball Python. This morph has codominant genes that produce a vibrantly colored snake. They are more brightly colored than normal ball pythons and are easily identified by their pale green eyes. Some Pastels have white lips.

How big do pastel ball pythons get?

Size. Like most ball python morphs, the Pastel Ball Python is between 3-5 feet long on average. However, some large females can reach 6 feet in length while some small males will measure a mere 2 feet in length.

Why is my ball pythons eyes GREY?

When ball pythons begin to shed, their eyes change color temporarily, appearing blue or gray. This is a normal part of the shedding process, not a permanent color change.

How much does a pastel ball python morph cost?

Pastel Ball Python Morphs are an incredibly popular dominant morph. They are fairly common among BP owners, and make for a popular and well-rounded pet. The base “Pastel Ball Python Morph” isn’t that expensive, either; though they can get into the $1,000s of dollars depending on the rarity of the pastel morph.

What is a pastel ball python?

Pastels, also known as ‘pastel jungles’ are the basis of many beautiful designer ball python morphs. This is where other morphs are bred with pastels to produce new and exciting kinds of royal pythons. Pastel ball pythons were originally imported and bred by Kevin McCurley at NERD/New England Reptile Distributors.

When was the co-dominant morph of the pastel ball python discovered?

It’s thought to have been discovered sometime in the mid 1990s (around 1995-1997). Pastel Ball Pythons are a co-dominant morph. This basically means that if you were to breed a Pastel morph with a different morph, you will get some new genetic morph that is a mix between the two. Pastels are very popular among breeders for this very reason.

What is a ball python morph?

They can intensify the color of future generations, resulting in some awe-inspiring creations. This ball python morph also goes by the name “desert echni.” They are a cross between the echni color morph and the desert color morph. Together the genes from those two snakes create a high-contrast offspring with tons of color.