What name did the New Orleans Hornets change to in 2013?

What name did the New Orleans Hornets change to in 2013?

the New Orleans Pelicans
However, on December 4, 2012, it was reported that the Hornets would change their name to the New Orleans Pelicans beginning with the 2013–14 season. The team name is inspired by Louisiana’s state bird, the brown pelican.

Why did the Hornets leave New Orleans?

Due to the devastation to New Orleans caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the team effectively executed a temporary relocation to Oklahoma City for the following two seasons, during which they were known as the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets.

Who owned the New Orleans Hornets in 2011?


2011–12 New Orleans Hornets season
General manager Dell Demps
Owners NBA
Arena New Orleans Arena

What were the New Orleans Hornets called before?

New Orleans HornetsNew Orleans Pelicans / Former name

Why did the NBA take over the Hornets?

Before the Hornets were eliminated from the 2002 playoffs, the NBA approved a deal for the team to move to New Orleans following the season and become the New Orleans Hornets. The move came mainly because attendance tailed off dramatically, reportedly due to Shinn’s declining popularity in the city.

Does Jordan still own the Hornets?

The Charlotte Hornets are mainly owned by Basketball Hall of Famer Michael Jordan, who acquired a controlling interest in the team in 2010. The Charlotte Hornets franchise was established in 1988 as an expansion team owned by George Shinn.

Why did Hornets change to Bobcats?

Given Charlotte was already home to a cat-named team, the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League, designer Chris Weiller made sure to create a logo that would not be similar to the Panthers logo. It has also been speculated that Johnson chose the name “Bobcats” in reference to his own name.

Why did the Hornets become the Bobcats?

How much of the Hornets does Jordan own?

89.5 percent
According to Mike Ozanian of Forbes, Jordan recently increased his ownership stake in the Charlotte Hornets from 80 percent to 89.5 percent, which put MJ over the billionaire threshold.