What percent of Iran is religious?

What percent of Iran is religious?

Most Iranians, 78%, believe in God, but only 37% believe in life after death and only 30% believe in heaven and hell.

What is Iran’s biggest religion?

Sunni and Shi’i are the two largest branches of Islam, with the overwhelming majority of Iranians practicing Shi’i Islam. About 90 percent of Iranians practice Shi’ism, the official religion of Iran. [i] By contrast, most Arab states in the Middle East are predominantly Sunni.

What percent of Iran is atheist?

However, according to a 2020 online survey by Gamaan found a much larger percentage of Iranians identifying as atheist (8.8%), and a large fraction (22.2%) identifying as not following an organized religion, and 60% not identifying as Muslim. Under Iranian law, apostasy from Shia faith is punishable by death.

How many Christians convert to Iran?

The report refers to a World Christian Database estimate from 2010 counting 66,000 Protestants in Iran. Of these, about 21,000 were officially recognised as Protestants, and consisted of both Christians from ethnic minorities and people who had converted before or just after the Revolution in 1979.

Can you practice Christianity in Iran?

The Constitution of Iran stipulates that Zoroastrians, Jews, and Christians are the only recognized religious minorities.

Can atheists live in Iran?

Under the Islamic Republic of Iran law, apostasy from Islam is punishable by death. Non-religious Iranians or atheists in Iran are officially unrecognized by the government, and one must declare oneself as a member of one of the four recognized faiths in order to avail oneself of many of the rights of citizenship.

What is the punishment for converting to Christianity in Iran?

Muslims who change their faith to Christianity are subject to societal and official pressure which may lead to the death penalty.

Is there church in Saudi Arabia?

Currently there are no official churches in Saudi Arabia. According to the Society of Architectural Heritage Protection Jeddah and the Municipality of Jeddah, a long-abandoned house in Al-Baghdadiyya district has never been an Anglican church, contrary to the “‘myth’ that had spread on the Internet”.

What religions are not allowed in Iran?

The constitution of Iran limits the number of recognized non-Islamic religions to three – Zoroastrians, Jews, and Christians – and the laws of the Islamic Republic forbid atheism and conversion by Muslims to another religion.