What represents the highest form of Baroque polyphonic music?

What represents the highest form of Baroque polyphonic music?

The fugue represents the highest form of Baroque homophonic music.

What is the term for a group of beats?

Meter is the result of grouping beats together into regular sets. In notation, each group of beats is contained in a measure (or bar), which is separated from the next measure with a vertical line, or barline. The first beat of each group is the strongest and is called the downbeat.

What is the dynamic of baroque music?

DynamicsEdit Baroque music uses terraced dynamics. This means that the volume stays the same for a period of time, then there is a sudden shift to a different dynamic level. There are no gradual changes in dynamics (such as a crescendo or decrescendo).

Which definition of scale is correct?

(Entry 1 of 7) 1 : an instrument or machine for weighing. 2a : a beam that is supported freely in the center and has two pans of equal weight suspended from its ends —usually used in plural. b : either pan or tray of a balance. scale.

Is baroque music monophonic?

Baroque music is often polyphonic, while Classical is mainly homophonic.

What characterizes baroque music?

Baroque music is characterised by: long flowing melodic lines often using ornamentation (decorative notes such as trills and turns) contrast between loud and soft, solo and ensemble. a contrapuntal texture where two or more melodic lines are combined.

What is the heartbeat of music called?

the steady beat
Students learned that the heartbeat of music is called the steady beat. To learn the difference between a steady beat and rhythm, four heart shapes were displayed on the Smart Board to represent the beats.

What is the pulse of the music called?

Beat refers to the underlying pulse of the music. Most music has a steady, recurring beat to it.

Is Baroque music monophonic?

What is characteristic of Baroque music?

What is called scale?

A ruler is often called a scale. 2. The measuring tool used for determining the weight of a body is also called a scale. Digital scales are the most commonly available scales around us.

What does on the scale mean?

Definition of on a scale of —used with a range of numbers to show the size, strength, or quality of something I liked it.

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What is a word meaning the same as tonic?

The tonic and the root are the same note when we build a chord on the first note of the scale. … Since the note ‘F’ is the first note of the scale, it is the tonic. But since the note F is also the basis of the chord, it is also the root. The note F is the tonic of the F major scale and the root of the F major chord. What is third note of tonic?