What series is a 1985 Land Cruiser?

What series is a 1985 Land Cruiser?

1985 Toyota Land Cruiser 60 Series.

What are the different series of Land Cruiser?

We will discuss all the comfort-oriented models starting from the latest series down to the oldest.

  • J200 Series (2007 – Present)
  • J100 Series (1998–2007)
  • J80 Series (1990–1997; 2008)
  • J60 Series (1980–1989)
  • J55 Series (1967–1980)
  • J70 (1984 – Present)
  • J40 (1960–1984)
  • J20, J30 (1955–1960)

What year is a 79 series Land Cruiser?

If you’re curious about the dimensions of the 79 Series… Its typically sized: 5220mm long, 1955 to 1970 high and 1790 to 1870mm wide. It also has a wheelbase with a length of 3180mm.

What year is the 105 series Land Cruiser?


Series Engine Years
105 Series (FZJ105) 4.5-litre petrol I6 (1FZ-FE) 1998-00
100 Series (HDJ100) 4.2-litre turbo-diesel I6 (1HD-FTE) 2000-02
100 Series (UZJ100) 4.7-litre petrol V8 (2UZ-FE) 1998-00

What year is a 78 series LandCruiser?

Toyota Landcruiser 75 & 78 Series (1985-2002)

What is a 75 series LandCruiser?

The 75 series Landcruiser is valued for its reliability. It is one big, heavy-duty 4-wheel vehicle that maintains the standard of a stable ride, exceptional engine durability, and spacious interior. But, yes, it does lack modern technology. It became the workhorse with a classic ladder frame chassis.

What year is a 70 series Land Cruiser?

Toyota Land Cruiser (J70)

Toyota 70 Series
Production 1984–present
Assembly Toyota City, Japan (formerly ARACO; current production by Toyota Auto Body at the Yoshiwara Plant) Envigado, Colombia (SOFASA) Ovar, Portugal Cumana, Venezuela
Body and chassis
Class Full-size SUV Pickup truck

Why is it called 79 series?

These were the successors of the 40 Series, such as the FJ40. Model numbers 75, 78 and 79 referred to the long-wheelbase version, which was available in pickup and two-door troop carrier models. These were the successors of the less-well known long-wheelbase 40 Series, such as the FJ45.

What is a Land Cruiser 79 series?

All 79 Series Landcruiser utes are powered by a 4.5L V8 Turbo-Diesel engine. This provides a heap of low down torque, which makes for great performance when carrying big loads, towing, and driving off-road. In terms of power, it pumps out 151kw at 3400 rpm and 430Nm at 1200 rpm.

How can you tell the difference between a 100 and 105 series Land Cruiser?

The biggest difference between the 100 to the 105 series Landcruiser is the engine and front axle/suspension setup. 100 series having better motor options and the 105 having a stronger & solid front axle. Juha has done an engine transplant to this 105 series landcruiser and now has a Turbo diesel with solid axle!

What years are the 80 Series Land Cruiser?

The 80 Series was the last Land Cruiser in the United States (1990-1997) with a six-cylinder engine, this one a 4.0-liter inline with 155 horsepower and 220 lb-ft of torque. It was also the last automatic I would drive in this trip back through time.