What size ASP baton should I get?

What size ASP baton should I get?

Uniformed officers usually choose a baton in the 21″-26″ range depending on their own size and whether they stand and walk or sit and drive the majority of the time.

What is the length of a baton stick?

The typical truncheon is a straight stick made from wood or a synthetic material, approximately 32 mm (1+1⁄4 in) in diameter and 460–910 mm (18–36 in) long, with a fluted handle to aid in gripping.

What are the types of batons?

There are basically five types of batons on the market today. They are the expandable or collapsible baton, the automatic baton, the flashlight baton, stun baton and key chain baton.

How strong is a collapsible baton?

Putting a metal baton with a HRC46-47 hardness rating, tensile strength of 6638.78 lbf., and bending strength of 4055.84 lbf, Smith & Wesson collapsible batons stand tough against threats.

How are batons measured?

Using a cloth measuring tape, measure from the base of the neck to the tip of the middle finger – the result is your suggested baton length. If the number falls between lengths, size up. Note: Some majorette groups prefer the method of measuring from the under-arm to the end of the middle finger.

What is the longest expandable baton?

This new 32.5″ Police edition baton with case is the longest baton in the market today.

How much does a baton cost?


Buy Price Per Item
75+ $17.25
250+ $16.25

Can batons break bones?

“Police batons are designed more for impact on the extremities: the arms, thighs, upper legs,” Goodloe says. If you’re hit in those places, the impact will likely be painful to the point of temporary debilitation. Fractures do occur, and often out of self-defense.

Can a baton break bones?

Is a baton good for self-defense?

There’s a reason why police officers carry a baton alongside their handgun. A steel baton is a highly effective weapon when it comes to protecting yourself in hand-to-hand combat. With a little bit of force, even without training, anyone can do significant damage to an attacker with a baton.