What size is Hermes Evelyne PM?

What size is Hermès Evelyne PM?

The Evelyne is currently available in 4 different sizes: TPM (Mini) – 16 cm. PM (Medium)– 29 cm. GM (Large) – 33 cm….Sizes.

Size Dimensions (L x H x W cm)
Evelyne 40 (Extra Large/TGM) 40 x 44 x 10 cm

Did Hermès discontinue the Evelyne bag?

Yes, Hermès discontinued the Evelyne bag in 2019.

How long is Hermès Evelyne strap?

The canvas strap is in white with beton Clemence leather and palladium hardware. The bag length is 6.5″, 7.5″ tall and 2″ deep and the strap drop is 21″.

What is GM size in Hermes?

The Hermes Clic Clac comes in two different sizes named PM and GM. PM measures 7.5 inches in circumference, whereas the GM measures 8 inches in circumference. The PM best suits someone who has a small to medium sized wrist, and the GM suits someone who has a medium to large sized wrist.

Is Hermes Evelyne a good investment?

The Resale Stats: Hermès Evelyne bags retain a 78% resale value, on average.

How long is Evelyne mini strap?

Description. Mini Hermès Evelyne Bag. Orange Poppy Taurillon Clémence leather with Poppy/Bleu strap. Size TPM: 20 x 17cm / Strap: 115cm – Ideal for cross body wear or shoulder.

What does TPM stand for Hermes?

The Hermès Evelyne bag comes in four sizes — TPM, PM, GM and TGM (which stand for Très Petit Modèle, Petit Modèle, Grand Modèle and Très Grand Modèle).

What is PM size?

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What size is the Hermes Evelyne pm?

The Hermes Evelyne PM measures 29 cm in length and 30 cm in height. Many Hermes Evelyne lovers consider the PM size the ultimate everyday crossbody. This bag will comfortably hold all of your essentials, in addition to a make-up bag, snacks and even a bottle of water.

How much does the Hermes Evelyne TPM cost in 2021?

As of June 2021, the Hermes Evelyne TPM in Clemance leather retails for $1,800 in the United States and €1,330 in Europe. At the time of writing this blog post, €1,330 converts to roughly $1,600, which means that the bag ends up being $200 cheaper in Europe.

How much is the Evelyne III pm Worth now?

hi Cynthia, In UK, it is around 2280 or 2250 pounds now and if you are not from EU, you get around 12% tax back after. I was just in the San Francisco Hermes store in Mid-August, the Evelyne III PM is still selling for $3,375 (with tax, it’ll be a little below $3,700).

What are the different styles of Hermes Evelyne bags?

Evelyne Sellier is also one of the newer available styles for the bag. It was released for Fall 2016. Instead of the perforated “H” design, the Evelyne Sellier features an embossed, diamond-shape “H” logo. There is also no external pocket. Hermes Evelyne bag comes in four sizes: 16 (TPM), 29 (PM), 33 (GM) and 40 (TGM).